Letter to the Editor – Feb. 23

Within our court system there is an illegal thing going on. The court system is charging me with another man’s child. From 1995 they have been holding back paperwork that proves that I’m not the father. The child support authority, state attorney office and the clerk of court office as well. I should not have to pay for another man’s child. The woman that has the child perjured herself in a court of law. She says she lived with me in March or April of 1994 which she didn’t. I have a statement from my mother and a witness that will prove that the allegation she says is not true. In January of 2016, I went on a hunger strike for the paperwork. I got the paperwork on February 29, 2016. That paperwork was probability of exclusion of not being the father. On March 24, 2016 in a court of law, I was going to submit it in court but the judge would not let me. The people of this community should know how the court is charging people. I have done wrong in my lifetime and paid for what I did but I didn’t father this child so I should not have to pay for another man’s child and be put in jail for something that I didn’t do. The court should allow me to submit the paperwork. They should give me another court date for this is my constitutional right.

Phillip Cotney