Letter to the Editor – Feb. 20

The Carson Draw Ski Trails are groomed and ready to provide great outdoor recreational fun. Volunteer groomers make every effort to pack and groom the approximately five miles of trails after every significant snow fall. Snow amounts and conditions are fantastic but as temperatures warm, the best skiing is in the morning hours before the snow gets warm and sticky on the sunny exposures. The trails are easily accessed about one quarter mile above the USFS seasonal road closure barrier near the parking lot above Reuter Campground on the Warren Peak Rd. The Carson Draw Ski Trails are located in the Carson Draw drainage which is on the west side (uphill left side) of the Warren Peak Rd. The Carson Draw area is closed to snowmobiles and other motorized vehicles by USFS regulations for the protection of this small area for skiing and other non-motorized sports and pedestrian recreation.

On several occasions recently, snowmobiles have entered the Carson Draw Ski Trail Area and created significant damage to the smoothly groomed trails. The ruts cut by snowmobile play are very difficult to groom out and nearly impossible to ski on. Snowmobiles have most of the USFS land in the Bearlodge Mountains on which to play. Only a very small area in Carson Draw is off limits to snowmobiles. With a little common sense and respect, snowmobilers and silent winter sport recreationalists can enjoy our beautiful winter landscape in harmony together.

Ed Mignery – Carson Draw Ski Trail Volunteer