Letter to the Editor – Dec. 5

Dear Editor:
It was great to see the article in the November 26 issue of the Sundance Times highlighting the achievements of the Sixth Judicial Child Support Authority (CSA). The 6th Judicial CSA works very hard at the collections of child support and is very deserving of the Outstanding Program Award.
I would like to make a couple of minor corrections to the article. The 6th Judicial District CSA covers Crook, Weston and the entire County of Campbell. We are also very fortunate here in Crook County that our court calendars are not as impacted and we can get a hearing scheduled sooner for our residents rather than the 6-month time frame in Campbell County.
I would also like to add that prior to 1995 ALL child support payments were court ordered to be paid through the Clerk of District Court’s office. The Welfare Reform Act of 1994 required that there be one central location in each State that child support payments could be sent. The State Disbursement Unit (SDU) was set up in Cheyenne to fulfill this requirement. The Clerks of District Court Association fought and won the ability to continue to receipt and disburse child support through our office. We felt that we know our cases the best and could and can provide better service to our constituents. As some counties have discontinued processing these payments sent to the State, I am proud to say Crook County continues to provide this service. On an average my office processes approximately $60,000 in child support each month. The office is also responsible for entering all the support orders into the statewide computer system we call “POSSE” and those are the orders that the CSA enforces.
If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding their child support or the establishment of child support, they should contact the CSA at 307-283-1515. The Sundance Office is open every Tuesday from 10-3 and is located at 222 A Cleveland Street.
Tina Wood
Clerk of District Court and
6th Judicial Child Support Authority Board Member