Letter to the Editor – Dec. 19

Dear Editor,
We have had so many deaths in our community these past years that it makes the holiday season very hard for a lot of us. I would like to ask the good people of our community to not just say prayers for those who are missing someone this Christmas, but to go through your pictures to see if you have any they’re in and make copies for the family. A picture we haven’t seen before or a card with a special memory in it is priceless to those of us who have lost a loved one. As life goes on and children grow up, we are reminded each day of the child we lost and know we won’t ever have anything “new” of that child, this is it. Family pictures that will forever be incomplete or looking at the presents under the tree and knowing there are some missing, are just a couple of the heartbreaks we face. So if there are pictures of your child’s birthday party or a school activity in which a lost child is in, please send a copy to the parents.
For those who are dealing with a loss of a loved one and need some support, Lost and Found Grief support group will be meeting at 7 p.m. the first and third Thursday of each month at the United Methodist Church. It is open to anyone who has any kind of loss in their lives and feel the need of friendship and support.
My prayers to all,
Shari Gose