Letter to the Editor – Aug. 31

After many years of the town operating its landfill and making it open to anyone in the area, we are at a point that we must make a change. We are rapidly approaching the end of our current permitted landfill area. New regulations implemented from the EPA and Wyoming DEQ for further permitting landfill space makes it extremely expensive and cost prohibitive for the town to permit a new area on our own.

We have been working with the other municipalities and the County Commissioners to find a regional solution for all of Crook County. Unfortunately, at this time, there is not a pathway to achieving this in the next three years. At the current rate of taking the entire counties waste, Moorcroft’s landfill will be full in about twi years. Based on the feasibility study done with the Landfill Joint Powers Advisory Board, when Moorcroft landfill is full and we have to ship elsewhere, it will cost the town in excess of $80,000 a year.

It is for this reason the Town of Moorcroft is closing the landfill to all but the town residents effective September 15, 2017. While we understand this will bring hardships and cost increases to our friends and neighbors, we must do what is fiscally the best for the residents of Moorcroft as they are the ones that will be solely responsible for the closure cost when it is full. This action will extend the life from two years at the current intake levels to four to six years depending on continued diversion efforts.

The Town of Moorcroft is committed to a regional solution. We will continue to work with Pine Haven, Sundance, Hulett and the County Commissioners to find a feasible way to open a regional landfill so everyone will have a local dumping option in the county. Please discuss this with your elected officials in your community or the county and let them know the importance a local landfill is to you.


Moorcroft Town Council