Letter to the Editor – Aug. 30

This letter is in response to the August 23rd, 2012 Sundance Times article titled “Oneok set to proceed on Bakken Pipeline.” ONEOK representatives and Mr. Wes Christensen seem to misunderstand the role and function of the Crook County Natural Resource District. The CCNRD’s stated mission is to provide coordinated leadership in resource conservation to assist and / or meet the needs of resource users. The CCNRD is a local unit of government and its Board of Supervisors are County elected officials.

The CCNRD Board of Supervisors would like to clarify a few points.

In respect to the statement “It’s clear that certain staff members have personal opposition to the pipeline being located in Crook County and this has delayed the decision making process” is incorrect—Commissioner Whalen was correct in stating that the CCNRD staff was operating under the guidance of the CCNRD Board of Supervisors, who represent the expressed concerns of Crook County stakeholders.

In regard to the statement “The CCNRD staff should serve the Crook County Commissioners in a fair and objective capacity on this matter and contribute in a productive and solution oriented way”…the CCNRD staff represents the CCNRD Board of Supervisors and do not “serve” the Crook County Commissioners. The CCNRD Board acts as an advisory board to the Crook County Commissioners, communicating natural resource concerns, while providing information to the citizens of Crook County. We strive to present factual information for everyone’s consideration.

The CCNRD Board of Supervisors meets the first Tuesday of every month and would like to extend an invitation to the public. The next regularly scheduled meeting is Tuesday, September 4, 2012, at 5 p.m. at the USDA Service Center.

Respectfully submitted by the CCNRD Board of Supervisors.

Wayne Garman, Chairman

Ted Parsons, Vice Chairman

Jim Geis, Secretary

Tom Ferrell, Treasurer

Clinton Streeter, Member