Letter to the Editor – Aug. 29

My 17 year old son got up at 5 a.m. this morning, got his 1972 Baja Bug ready, and drove to Deadwood, SD to be in the Cool Deadwood Nights Parade this morning. He waited in line behind the registered cars, like the parade director told him to, and waited for all the registered cars to go by before proceeding. He had more than twenty cars behind him doing the same thing. Just as he got to the cobble stone, he was stopped and told to pull off; he could not be in the parade because he had no registration papers. This Man allowed all the other cars behind my son go by without question. My son tried to tell him that the parade director told him to start this line. When my husband asked the man about the others that weren’t registered, he was told not to worry about those guys and then just ignored them. We have been in the parade with our other car every year for about 6 years. We have never paid the registration fees to enter the car show. Every year we were told to line up behind the registered cars and we went through the parade but didn’t participate in the show. I am furious about what happened to my son this year. This was the first and maybe the last time we will be able to participate in the parade as he goes to college this year. He was embarrassed and angry, he didn’t even go to the car show; he came straight home. Why would this man want to ruin his experience and his day? I sure would like to know his name so I could ask him. Was his car not classy enough? Was it because it was a VW Bug? My son rebuilt this car by himself, with his own money from working at a job he has had for 3 years. He is very responsible and enjoys going to car shows. He just won the youth division in Hulett, WY last weekend. I am very angry and do expect something to be done about what happened to my son. We as adults try to get our kids interested in other activities to keep them from drugs and alcohol. My son does not drink and does not do drugs. He works on his cars. Why try to deter him from that?
Kathleen Lincoln