Letter to the Editor – Aug. 2

Dear Editor,
Crook County Senior Services is in crisis. Due to funding cuts from Cheyenne, there is a current deficit of approximately $24,000 which is not covered by funding, bequests, grants and donations. Crook County Senior Services need a consistent method of funding at the local level.
The need for these valuable services which allow our county seniors to remain at home and fairly independent is not expected to decrease, rather the opposite. The projected population of seniors in Crook County is expected to increase to over 50 percent in the next 12 years. Many seniors depend on meal services and transportation for medical appointments currently offered by Crook County Senior Services on a daily and weekly basis.
The need for local funding our seniors is great and the mil levy would help Crook County to bridge the gap without being dependent on decisions made in Cheyenne.
M. Ross Feeney