Letter to the Editor – April 6

Dear Editor:
I am disappointed that the Board members of School District #1 persist in their decision to move the Bear Lodge High School program to Hulett, and that they are not willing to consult students and staff about the move. Current and former staff and students agree that the move is not in the best interests of the program and its students.
Fortunately, all is not lost. Because the School Board’s decision essentially involves closing one school and combining it with another, the decision must be approved by both the Wyoming Department of Education and the other the School Facilities Department. To get this approval the District must complete studies showing why the reconfiguration is appropriate. Without this approval, state funding will end for both schools.
We, the Parents and Friends of Bear Lodge High School, realize the incredible responsibility that the School Board has. We commend them on their efforts. We ask only that the Board reconsider this decision about Bear Lodge High School. Rather than performing two separate studies and getting approval from two separate agencies in order to conduct this move, the most economical and prudent course of action would be to cancel the planned move and focus efforts on budget reductions district wide.
Public support for this issue is growing and as of Sunday, have gathered over 130 signatures on our petition to the school Board to stop the move. We anticipate many more signatures prior to presenting this petition to the Board later this month. For those who would like to join in our efforts, please check out our Save Bear Lodge High School page on Facebook.
We ask our elected officials to be transparent, fair, and equitable in their decision-making processes, to treat all those they serve with respect, and to take the time to listen when the people speak.
Michele Pridgeon and Pastor Kathy Makus
Parents and Friends of Bear Lodge School