Letter to the Editor – April 4

Josh Franzen of J. W. Services has the apparent low bid and has been awarded the manhole at the swimming pool. If you recall, this is to control the ground water and hopefully extend the life of the pool liner. The bids were low enough that we will probably extend the walking path sidewalk to the pool.

We are having some compaction issues with the high wall at the transfer station. The high wall is the one that the trailers park below so we can push the garbage into the trailers parked below it. I think we will have a solution shortly.

I don’t believe that we will get the Rattlesnake Hill water tank laid down, moved, and re-erected in one mobilization of the contractor and that is upsetting to me. However, we need to get the tank off Rattlesnake Hill before it slides off and ruins the tank. We haven’t finished the core drilling and site work on the new location and that must be done before the tank can be deployed.

The West Well chlorinator building is started, but is currently on hold because of a right-of-way dispute. I hope that we can resolve this quickly because chlorination of the well an essential part of the Rattlesnake Hill tank removal. The DEQ wants all wells that run year-round to be chlorinated.

We received the final notice and packet from the Wyoming Business Council on the Croell Project. This means this can start at any time.

Clarenbach Park has turned into a very popular spot with people having weddings, family reunions, etc. We need to fix up Washington Park to accommodate the overflow. I never anticipated this but it is a good thing.

The council, staff, and I are currently working on the 2014 Budget. The legislature was very good to cities and counties in the supplemental budget. There are two major changes in the budget. First, foot note “G” that prevents state money from being used for recurring expenses. Second, the fuel tax, which was raised because the state passed a ten-cent increase, must be carried in an account for street and alley programs.

The last thing is that the Capital Facilities Tax, or the sixth-cent, is about to expire. I hope all of you will look at the good that this has done and vote for it the next time it comes to the ballot.

Paul Brooks, Mayor