Letter to the Editor – April 12

Dear McGruff House Members and the Sundance Community,

The McGruff House program was developed in 1982 to help communities come together to keep a watch out for their community, property, and children. It has been in every state in the nation and has an incredible success rate in every town. This program has been an amazing success in Crook County as well. Thanks to each of our McGruff House members participating in the program to help the children in our community with safe houses. The McGruff House program also has taught safety program every year in the elementary schools with our police officers, and we have taught self-defense classes for women of all ages as well. Thanks to all of you, Crook County will be another success story in the McGruff House program!!

Unfortunately, our country is in the midst of economic strife and many programs have lost their funding because of budget cuts. The National McGruff House program is one of the programs that lost its funding.

We are asking McGruff House members to return their signs to Crook County Family Violence, the Sundance Police Department or the Moorcroft Police Department. We do need to collect each of the signs so they may be returned and destroyed so they may not be used in the future.

Just because the program is ending doesn’t mean we still can’t keep each other informed, you can still check the State of Wyoming Sexual Offender website anytime you wish at wysors.dci.wyo.gov/sor/ for any updates in your town.

Thank you again, to everyone for all the support for this amazing program – TOGETHER we made it work and TOGETHER we can still make it work!!

McGruff House Coordinators,

Deanna Hummel – Hulett, McGruff House Coordinator,

Crook County Family Violence,

Crook County Attorney Victim Witness Program