Last call for Korea medals

Wyoming Korean War veterans or their surviving spouses have one final opportunity to apply for the Republic of Korea Ambassador for Peace Medal. The Veterans Commission is coordinating arrangements to present the medals at local ceremonies in conjunction with local officials and Veterans Service Organizations. Individual veterans or surviving spouses cannot apply for this medal directly to the Korean Government and must go through the Wyoming Veterans Commission process. Wyoming veterans service organization officials can validate eligibility for the medal. The Korean War veteran must have served on the ground, in the skies, or on the waters surrounding Korea from June 27, 1950 – January 31, 1955. Applications can be obtained by visiting the Veterans Commission website or by calling the Veterans Commission at 307-777-8152. The Veterans Commission needs the help of family members, friends, and the rest of the public to encourage veterans to apply for this medal as it will be the last opportunity. The application deadline is Aug. 31.