Lady Bulldogs pick up three wins

By Rebecca Maupin
In the second home match of the season, the Sundance Lady Bulldogs came out with a victory over the Upton Lady Bobcats. The first game started out strong behind the serving of Kate Sell and Nevada Gill as the Lady Bulldogs were up 17-7 and not letting up.
The Lady Cats were able to score a few more points but not enough to close the gap and the Lady Bulldogs took the win 25-12.
The second game started out with a back and forth between the Lady Dawgs and Lady Cats with the Cats taking the lead 7-6. That lead was short-lived as Laney Dungey had some powerful serving to put them up 13-8 and the Lady Bulldogs continued to widen the gap. The Lady Bobcats were able to add a few more points to the board before Sundance ended the game with a score of 25-14.

Rebecca Maupin photos Ty Holloman goes for a block.
(Rebecca Maupin photos) Ty Holloman goes for a block.

Game three started out slow for the Lady Bulldogs as Upton took the lead early and Sundance had to fight their way back from the get-go. With the score 3-8, the Lady Bulldogs took a time out to regroup and score some points.
While a big block got the Lady Bulldogs excited, the score was still not moving in their favor. Behind the serving of Sell, the Lady Bulldogs were able to point a few points on the board, making the score 13-16, but service errors to follow kept the Lady Bobcats in the lead.
The rest of the game would be a back and forth nail-biter for points. The Lady Bulldogs pulled ahead behind the serving of Madi Gill to make the score 21-20 but that was not the end of the Lady Bobcats.
A tip out-of-bounds by Sundance tied the score at 21 and Upton took the lead again. With the score 21-23, Sundance took another time out to try to regain momentum. The huddle was all the Lady Bulldogs needed as they came back to score the four points needed to put them on top with a score of 25-23.

Aftyn Marchant reaches for a dig against Upton.
Aftyn Marchant reaches for a dig against Upton.

The Lady Bulldogs had a busy weekend of winning as they faced off against Newcastle and Tongue River on Friday and Saturday. With two nights of excellent serving, the Lady Bulldogs were able to come away with two more wins on the season.
Friday night saw Aftyn Marchant and Madison Gill serving perfect going 12/12 and 9/9 respectively with each having two aces. Joleen Pollat dominated the net with five blocks on the night and Laney Dungey slammed down eight kills, giving the Lady Bulldogs the win in three over the Doggies 25-17, 25-20, 25-16.
Saturday the Lady Bulldogs travelled to Tongue River where they again had excellent serving with Laney Dungey serving up 16 points followed by Madison Gill with 11 and Kate Sell 10. Madison Gill and Sherry Negaard both were able to slam down 10 kills against the Lady Eagles while Aftyn Marchant was all over the back line coming up with 16 digs on the night.
The Lady Bulldogs were able to walk away with the victory in three games: 25-14, 25-13, 25-11.

Stats from Upton:
Serving: M. Gill 12/12 (2 aces), A. Marchant 7/7, N. Gill 11/11 (4 aces), Sell 18/19 (4 aces),
Kills: Negaard 9, M. Gill 9, Dungey 4
Blocks: Holloman 4, Pollet 2
Digs: M. Gill 8, Dungey 7, T. Marchant 6, Sell 6, A. Marchant 2
Sets: T. Marchant 21

Stats from Newcastle:
Serving: A. Marchant 12/12 (2 aces), M. Gill 9/9, Sell 20/21 (5 aces), Dungey 15/16 (4 aces)
Kills: Dungey 8, M. Gill 5, Negaard 5, Pollat 3, Holloman 2
Blocks: Pollat 5
Digs: A. Marchant 15, T. Marchant 9, Sell 8
Sets: T. Marchant 21

Stats from Tongue River:
Serving: Sell 14/15 (3 aces), Dungey 16/20 (3 aces), M. Gill 12/14 (3 aces), A. Marchant 12/13 (1 ace)
Kills: M. Gill 10, Negaard 10, Holloman 6, Dungey 5, Pollat 3, T. Marchant 3
Blocks: M. Gill 1, Pollat 1, Holloman 1
Digs: A. Marchant 16, Dungey 8, Sell 7, M. Gill 6
Sets: T. Marchant 26, Dungey 2, Negaard 2