Kid Prints to take over city daycare

The Sundance Kids Daycare Center will open its doors again in August under the management of Kid Prints Inc, a daycare that was previously located in the former Baptist Church building. The facility will rebrand, receive a facelift and then welcome the community to see the changes shortly after.

The center was temporarily closed last month due to financial issues and concerns over management. Not enough staff members were available to keep the doors open and, said Mayor Paul Brooks on Tuesday, the facility had found itself in financial trouble after borrowing money.

However, the council did not want to see its facility mothballed and immediately began to search for a solution, with the goal of reopening by August 1, in time for the new school year.

At last week’s council meeting, representatives from Kid Prints discussed the finer details of the partnership. The team has been working on the facility already, cleaning, filling in holes and replacing the sign in order to open on the scheduled date.

Open houses will be held to introduce the community to the crew, facility and the way that the daycare will be run, said Megan Franzen.

The daycare’s board is in the black and works to a budget, so Kids Print feels confident that its finances will remain steady, said Franzen. Brooks commented that, though he has no reason to believe it will happen, he does not want to discover again that the daycare is indebted.

To this end, Brooks asked for a close relationship with Kid Prints, which representatives readily agreed to.

“We would rather that this be a partnership rather than everyone out on their own little island,” concurred Franzen.

Clerk Treasurer Kathy Lenz requested monthly financial statements for the sake of keeping the lines of communication open, which was also agreed to.

“We want to be your support crew so that building is used and you are successful,” said Lenz.