Jumping for joy

Sundance resident Marjorie Goodson cruises back to earth during a sky dive in Arizona last week. Goodson’s jump was a belated celebration of her 90th birthday. (Photos courtesy Woody Jundt)

By Sarah Pridgeon

There are certain experiences in this life that many of us are tempted to try, but never quite get round to mustering the courage for. In Marjorie Goodson’s case, skydiving no longer falls under that category.
To celebrate her 90th birthday, Goodson chose to jump 13,000 feet from an airplane, freefalling for the first 8000 feet and traveling back to earth at 120 mph. It was “very interesting,” she says.
“There are a lot of things in this life to be done,” she adds jovially, now safe and sound back on solid ground. “I figured that, if I fell out of the air, I’ve lived a good, long life.”
Goodson’s jump was administered by Skydive Arizona in Eloy, a popular location for skydivers from all over the world. “They do 27,000 jumps a year over there,” says Goodson.
Would she do it again? “I don’t think so, once was enough,” she laughs. “The first step out of the plane was very scary.”
Skydiving, however, was neither Goodson’s first dabble with life’s more exhilarating experiences, nor is likely to be her last.
“There are lots of things out there,” she says. “I’ve been up in a hot air balloon before, and I’m willing to try whatever else is out there.”