Interstate Engineering joins Main Street business district

By Sarah Pridgeon

(Sarah Pridgeon photo) Cody Galloway in front of the new Sundance office for Interstate Engineering.
(Sarah Pridgeon photo) Cody Galloway in front of the new Sundance office for Interstate Engineering.

A brand new addition to the Main Street business district, Interstate Engineering opened its doors in Sundance last week to offer a wide range of engineering services to individual customers, municipalities and organizations across northeast Wyoming.

“We are multi-discipline: civil engineering, surveying, planning and that kind of stuff,” says Adam Thompson.

“There are going to be three of us in the office. I’m the land surveyor with the company, Nick Hoffman is the office manager over in Spearfish and a professional engineer and then there is also Cody Galloway, who is a Sundance native and an engineer in training.”

Interstate Engineering is familiar with the county, having already worked in the region on projects such as surveying for the Forest Service. Having been open just over a week, the staff are settling in and getting to know the community, says Thompson, and have already received calls from interested potential customers.

Interstate Engineering purchased an existing company in Spearfish in 2011, he continues, and planned at that point to expand into the surrounding region – including Crook County.

“We have been considering an office in Wyoming for a few years,” says Daren Peterka, Chairman of the Board of Interstate Engineering.

“Having a physical presence in Wyoming will open doors in a neighboring market and allow the firm to continue to grow and provide clients and communities with needed infrastructure. Expanding helps foster client relationships while facilitating future opportunities.”

Interstate has 14 offices spread through Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota and now Wyoming with its Sundance office, says Thompson.

Nick Hoffman
Nick Hoffman

“All the way from Billings, Montana, our furthest west office, to Fergus Falls, Minnesota as our furthest east,” he nods, noting that the new office is intended to serve the county and beyond.

“Anywhere, any place that people need help, we have the ability to travel wherever they need us to go. The hope is that, with our office here in Sundance, we can cover northeast Wyoming.”

The company has around 125 employees spread through those offices, Thompson says, including staff with certain specialties who are strategically placed to help guide a project when needed. As an employee-owned business with a board of directors, its staff is deeply involved in the company’s success.

“I’ve been here for two years and I’ve been very happy,” Thompson smiles.

It may seem unusual for a multi-state company looking to spread its territory to choose Sundance over one of the larger cities in northeast Wyoming, but that’s the whole point, Thompson says. Interstate Engineering was designed and grown as a small-town company for small-town customers.

“If you look at our map, we mainly in smaller towns – Billings is one of the bigger towns we have an office in and our corporate headquarters are in Jamestown, North Dakota, which isn’t a large city,” he says.

“We cater more towards small towns and the people who work for Interstate are often local to the office they work in. It’s a smaller-knit group of people, which is nice.”

The company is hoping to fill a gap in the market in response to the calls it has received from this area. The addition of Galloway, with his lifetime of knowledge of the area, was another important factor in the decision to open the office.

Moving to Sundance has been a work in progress for around a year as premises have been sought, staff secured and leases signed.

Adam Thompson
Adam Thompson

“We wanted to have everything in place before we committed ourselves,” Thompson says, explaining that the company wanted to be sure its plans would work for the sake of the community as much as itself.

Galloway, who will lead the staffing in Sundance, will be available in the office on Monday and Friday; Thompson will be in the office Tuesday and Thursday; and Hoffman will be in the office on Wednesday and Friday. The idea is to bring as many different types of expertise as possible into town to answer customer questions while providing a local presence.

The three staff members are still working on settling into the office but plan to host an open house event to meet the community once the groundwork has been laid. In the meantime, contact the office at 315 Main Street or by calling 283-3675 or find the company online at