Hunting with heroes

By Sarah Pridgeon

Since 2013, Hunting with Heroes has given back to Wyoming’s disabled veterans by providing them with outdoor experiences such as hunting and fishing. This Veterans’ Day, the nonprofit organization will be visiting Crook County to take advantage of our November deer season.

The group is hoping for a little help from the community to find private land for the hunt and volunteers to act as guides, says founder Dan Currah. Local disabled veterans who would be interested in taking part are also encouraged to get in contact.

“I’d really like to get local vets involved in the hunt itself if we can. A veteran has to have a service connected disability rating of 50 percent or more to qualify for a donated tag,” he says.

Hunting with Heroes partners with Wyoming Game & Fish to take advantage of its big game donated license program, which allows anyone to donate a license to be re-issued to a disabled veteran.

“Game & Fish has some donated tags that we can use for about six or seven veterans. They are general deer tags,” Currah says.

“We need landowners that might want to participate in letting us come and take a doe or buck whitetail. We might also need some volunteers to help guide the hunters on that day.”

This is the organization’s fourth year hunting with disabled veterans in Wyoming, but the first in the northeast.

“We’ve been all over the state and this year we’ll probably end up with 160 or 170 hunts with veterans in Wyoming. We do a lot, from Cheyenne to Jackson Hole to Rock Springs and up in your country,” Currah explains.

The veteran hunters will all be coming in from Wyoming, he continues. It’s likely that some will be from Gillette, where the organization began offering outdoor experiences this year and will have completed around 18 hunts by the end of the year.

Hunters will arrive in Sundance on November 10 to gather for an evening meal and visit about the hunt. After the hunt itself on November 11, Currah is hoping to arrange a community dinner for the hunters, guides, volunteers and landowners and their families; the community is also invited to attend.

If you are able to offer land for the hunt, would like to volunteer as a guide or are a disabled veteran who is interested in taking part, contact Currah at 307-258-9193 or Bill Pridgeon at 283-1537.