Hulett Airport Board – June 4

The Hulett Airport board met on June 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. at the GHCC. Present were DJ Wolfksill, Joe Ortner, Julie and Darryl Baker, Melissa Bears, Jim D. Neiman and Freida Dent.

Financial $15,605 in savings. $2,088 in checking.

Main discussion of the meeting was to decide whether to go ahead with an open house on Sat. June 23. The Board felt that this was still a good event. Melissa Bears got a $1,500 grant from the State FAA to help pay for this open house. We will serve pancakes and sausage from 8 a.m. to ???. When the food is gone it is gone. The board will plan for 100 people. Needed will be plates, cups, syrup, butter, Sunkist, coffee etc. Bears will pick all of this up. Also needed will be a roaster and grill. Jimmy thought we could use the grill at the golf course. DJ will ask if we could borrow tables and chairs from the school if not will ask the golf course. Melissa will place ads and contact Flight for Life to see if they would come over. Local pilots will be asked to come up and display their planes. Wes Bush will be asked about his radio planes.

Motion to pay bill to Cityservice for avgas $4,127.38. Jet A has been ordered as well cost will be about $6,200.

DJ reported that fuel filters will be bought from Grimms. DJ will call.

The board asked about Kevin Sweeney. DJ will give him a call to see if he still wants on the board. He is very valuable and would be missed.

The board will meet on Monday June 18th at 5:30 p.m. to finalize the open house.

Meeting adjourned.