Haynes tries write-in campaign

Dr. Taylor Haynes announced last week that write-in votes for him in the gubernatorial race will be counted in the November 4 election. He will complete the registration with the Secretary of State to make this possible. “I realize that filing as a write-in violates the unity pledge I signed at the GOP convention,” he said. “However, the right of taxpayers to have their vote counted trumps politics.” As a statesman, Haynes said he has a deep respect for the Constitution and the right for taxpayers who are determined to write his name in to have representation. He is therefore compelled to file as a write-in candidate so those votes can be counted, he said. “An even more compelling factor is the very narrow and lackluster response by the State of Wyoming to the threat of an Ebola epidemic, which has placed the average citizen at risk. There must be robust instruction to the public on the risks and how they might protect themselves and others,” he added.