Gold Wingers pick Sundance for rally destination

By Sarah Pridgeon

The Gold Wing Road Riders Association of Wyoming has chosen Sundance to host its 25th anniversary district rally in 2013, an event that will bring upwards of 150 motorcyclists to town for the weekend at the end of June.

“This is a milestone for us, and also the first time we’ve come to Sundance – we’re excited because it’s a pretty place to ride,” says Rich Goetz, Chapter Director for Gillette. “We hold these rallies all over the state so people can see different things and places.”

“We are a marquee motorcycle touring organization from around the world, not just the U.S.,” he continues. “We were founded in Phoenix, Arizona, 35 years ago this year and we have 100,000 members nationally.”

Scheduled for the same weekend as the Car Show, the rally will officially begin on June 28 with an opening ceremony. A large BBQ supper is planned for Saturday evening and a departure breakfast on Sunday morning before the ride home; during the Friday and Saturday, the riders plan to roam the area and visit the local sights.

“There will probably be around 150 people, perhaps up to 200,” says Goetz. “We’ve averaged a little over 100 the past few years, but we’re shooting for 150 this year with better advertising.”

Other planned events include “Business Poker” – a treasure hunt-style challenge in which riders will visit local businesses to research a question – and possibly a picnic at Devils Tower and a street dance, while the riders are pleased to be in town at the same time as the Car Show. Participants will also indulge in both guided and non-guided rides, either opting to do their own thing or to see the sights through the eyes of locals familiar with the area.

“We’ll also be working with the Chamber of Commerce to create informational packets so folks not from this part of Wyoming can see what we see in the Black Hills – Devils Tower, the museum and so on,” says Goetz. Around three quarters of the Gold Wing riders are expected to come from more distant parts of the state.