From cars to homes

(Sarah Pridgeon photo) Site work on the HomeTown Motors/Sundance Custom Homes lot.


 By Sarah Pridgeon

Out with the old and in with the new – not only is Hometown Motors clearing off its lot to introduce a brand new look, the local car dealership owned by Brandon Jagow and Kati Sipe will also be doubling its offerings. The duo is pleased to combine its vehicle business with Sundance Custom Homes, offering modular houses and buildings designed to a customer’s preference.

The new look will, in fact, be an example of the structures on offer through the business, says Jagow.

“I was going to do a fancy residential-style home and put it where the old office was but, the more I got to thinking about that, it would be one home to show and not everybody likes what I like,” he laughs.

“Now I’m basically going to do an office style with four separate offices in it, but it will be a product of our manufacturer, Champion and Atlantic Homes.”

Jagow and Sipe will also be renovating the overall lot, landscaping and adding trees while changing the layout.

“As I got to looking at that lot, the best part of it was where the office sat, so we’re going to put it at the back and it’s going to run from the street to the alley. There’s a fence being built there right now and it’s going to run that whole length, so it’s going to open up the front of that lot,” Jagow says.

“I think it’ll be really good when people come into town to that stop sign.”

Two office spaces will also be available for rent on the lot once the project has been finished. The overhaul was actually planned for the spring, he continues, but a confluence of events convinced Jagow and Sipe to get going immediately.

“The rubble pit was closing at the landfill and that’s really what pushed us to get rid of the old building. It wasn’t great timing for us but we were going to do it in the spring anyway. That’s a lot of stuff to have to haul to Gillette or elsewhere, even if they would take our rubble, which is kind of up in the air,” he says.

“It was spur of the moment. When they said the rubble pit was closing we thought, gosh, we’d better do something.”

Jagow looks forward to the joint business becoming another feather in Sundance’s cap as the city works to modernize its offerings to citizens and visitors.

“It’s kind of exciting, even though it’s a bad time of year to start construction,” he laughs.

“We want to be in on Sundance being renovated and updated a little bit. We have one of the best corners in town and we’re looking forward to a new building there.”

Construction will likely be complete early next year and a grand opening is planned for the spring, says Jagow. In the meantime, a temporary trailer office will be set up on the lot and the business will still be open for business. Contact Hometown Motors at 283-2886 or visit them at 603 E Cleveland.