Fritz to campaign for second term

Linda Fritz, Republican, has announced her intention to run for re-election to the office of County Clerk this year. She hopes to continue a service to the county that has so far spanned more than a quarter century.

Starting out in the Sheriff’s Office for six years, Fritz then moved to the Clerk’s Office, spending over 16 years as Deputy Clerk and now completing her first term as County Clerk.

Fritz’s first priority, she says, is to commend her employees for the hard work and dedication that have made possible the accomplishments of her first term. Among these, she says, has been digitization of vehicle title records back to the first one ever issued, the implementation of e-recording, digitizing all plats and surveys, placing tract books on the online record search program and the current effort to scan and index these recordings back to 1885.

“It is a very time consuming process, but the future value of these digitized records is immeasurable,” she says.

“The prior archival method of microfilming has been statutorily changed to electronic archiving. Should the paper records be damaged by fire or water the quality of the microfilmed records pales in comparison to a scanned document for reproduction purposes.”

These records represent the history of Crook County, Fritz says. The software that has made these achievements possible has also been shared with other county departments to aid them in efficiently serving the county’s residents, she adds.

Fritz’s office also tracked and submitted all the reimbursement claims for three major fires in 2016, successfully securing reimbursement for the county’s expenses as well as additional funds for the use of county vehicles.

“The Oshoto Fire Hall reimbursement funding has also been a significant accomplishment, making sure the county received all grant funds awarded,” Fritz continues.

“Homeland Security funds were also reallocated to update computer networks and firewalls to protect the county data from intrusion or failure.”

In addition, Fritz says, detailed reports of all the money spent each month by the county are now prepared and listed on the website in the spirit of transparency.

Fritz currently serves as the secretary/treasurer of the County Clerk’s Association of Wyoming. She moved to Crook County in 1991 with husband Todd, a retired police officer with 24 years of service and previously Chief of Police for the Sundance Police Department, to whom she has been married for 31 years. The couple has one son, Ashton.

Fritz says she has enjoyed working for the public and providing excellent service to each and every taxpayer. The most memorable compliment she has ever received, she says, is when a citizen told her that she is not a politician, but a public servant.

She responded, “As it should be!”