Fresh Fair Board appointed

By Sarah Pridgeon

The Crook County Commissioners appointed a new Fair Board at a special meeting this week, selecting five candidates from a total of seven applicants. The new board will consist of Lee Jay, Ted Rosencranz, Judy Hutchinson, Amanda Connally and Peggy Boardman.
Before the interviews began, Commissioner Kelly Dennis read a brief statement expressing his regret for the circumstances in which the previous board had been removed.
“This is a statement about the Fair Board decision, strictly from my perspective,” he said. “It wasn’t on the agenda. Action should not have been taken until June. I accept full responsibility for that.”
“I have rarely, if ever, seen a good decision made in haste. I sincerely apologize for the way it was handled by me, to all people who were affected.”
The commissioners interviewed each applicant in turn about their motivations for volunteering and what they felt they could bring to the position.
“My biggest concern is getting the fair put on this year,” said Commissioner Jim Hadley.
Jay expressed his desire to help the new board acclimate to the tasks before them by aiding them with policies and procedures, questions about past actions and guidance in the direction that the commissioners would like the fair to go. He said he had been approached by several community members and described a “general consensus that every new applicant will be up against a wall” trying to learn the ropes with only two months until this year’s fair opens.
“Personally, I think it would be an asset to have you on board again,” responded Hadley.

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