Fletcher hopes to win back office

In a press release sent to the Sundance Times, former Crook County Assessor Lisa Fletcher announced she has filed papers to seek re-election to the office she formerly held from 2011 to 2014.

“During my term as Crook County Assessor, I very much enjoyed the privilege of serving the public. I worked hard to have an open-door policy where any taxpayer could come in and be heard,” Fletcher said.

“Since leaving office, however, I have been approached by multiple Crook County taxpayers urging me to run again. They say the Assessor has reversed my open-door policy, even actually refusing to meet with some taxpayers over their concerns.”

“A large number of Crook County residents have told me their stories and have urged me to seek re-election to my former post,” Fletcher said.

“They appreciated my open-door policy, and my willingness to hear their concerns. Critical to that process is an open door and an attentive ear.”

“It is particularly important for the Assessor, and the Assessor’s Office, to be accessible, fair and honest with all of our citizens”, Fletcher continued.

“This office belongs to the people, not to any one person or persons. All taxpayers are entitled to be treated fairly and honestly, and to have their concerns heard.”

“The Assessor, like other elected officers, should recognize that we are public servants. We are elected to represent the people and their concerns, and to serve the public. To accomplish this, the citizens need to feel they have an open door.”

Fletcher worked for two years in the Assessor’s Office before being elected Crook County Assessor in 2010, and served for four years as Assessor. She currently serves as an educator in the Crook County elementary school system, where she loves working with her special needs students.

“The hardest part of my decision,” Fletcher said, “is leaving the classroom where I know I am making a difference in our children’s lives. But I also recognize the importance of restoring fairness and openness to the County Assessor’s Office, and I am willing to accept that responsibility. I look forward to the opportunity of reinstating my open-door policy so that all taxpayers are treated fairly and with respect.”

(Courtesy photo)