Fire restrictions still in effect

By Sarah Pridgeon

Fire Warden Gari Gill has issued a reminder for residents ofCrookCountythat there is still a very high danger of fire in the area during this time period in the area and that the burn ban remains in effect. Restrictions will remain in place until October 15 as the extended weather is expected to be dry until this time.

The weather recently has been cooler, with more moisture, but residents should continue to use extreme caution when burning garbage and causing sparks. The grass and shrubs are very dry and will potentially be completely cured and dried out within a few hours of rainfall.

Trash and refuse fires are permitted under the terms of the ban between8:00 a.m.and6:00 p.m.if they are lit within containers provided with a spark arrester. Attended camp fires are also permitted if contained within an established fire ring and no larger than three feet in radius; both types of burning must be located in a cleared area with a ten-foot radius with a shovel and fire suppression means present.

Fireworks and outdoor fires are prohibited during this time unless authorized by a permit. For full details of the burn ban or to apply for a burn permit, visit the County website at

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