Feist sentenced for probation violations

By Sarah Pridgeon
Adam L. Feist, who was arrested earlier this month for possession of a stolen vehicle and arms, appeared in court on January 16 charged with violating the terms of his probation. He was originally brought to trial for several misdemeanors resulting from a high-speed car chase across Crook and into Weston County in April, 2010.
Feist was sentenced to 129 days’ incarceration followed by six months back on probation.
As well as re-imposing his 90-day suspended jail sentence, the judge added a total of 39 extra days by converting unpaid costs and fines of $580 into jail time, at the rate of $15 per day.
A criminal warrant was issued on May 20, 2011, after Feist violated three terms of his probation, including the condition prohibiting him from consuming or possessing alcohol or controlled substances. He tested positive during a random urinalysis test.
Feist was also instructed to keep the court and his probation officer informed of his current address and telephone number and to obtain permission before changing them. Brian Wells, Deputy County and Prosecuting Attorney, asserted in his complaint that Feist had left his place of residence and employment without authorization and could neither be located or contacted.
He also violated the condition that he remain in school, having been removed from the roles of Bear Lodge High School five days prior to graduation for non-attendance.
Feist was originally found guilty of two counts of fleeing and attempting to elude police and one count each of failure to stop at a stop sign, failure to use a turn signal while making a turn, reckless driving and speeding at 102 mph in a 75 mph zone. Law enforcement chased him across the county, through Moorcroft and towards Newcastle.
He was sentenced to 18 months of probation as a condition of the suspended sentence he received during his September 2010 trial. As charges were brought before the court from both the Moorcroft Police Department and Crook County Sheriff’s Department, Feist will also appear in Weston County for probation violations.
New York State is expected to begin extradition proceedings shortly. Whether he serves out his jail time in Crook County before extradition will be decided during this process.