Eyes on the slide

(Jeff Moberg photo) The Cook Lake area remains partially open this summer. However, officials continue to monitor for potential danger due to the landslide in the area.


Concern over landslide keeps officials on guard

Monitoring continues this year at the popular Cook Lake recreation site and some of the area remains closed, but campsites and day use are still available for visitors. Monitoring is considered necessary in the light of the danger posed by what is thought to be the one of the largest active landslide in the Black Hills

According to the Forest Service, approximately 69 acres remain under a closure order for the slide area on the southwest side of the lake for the sake of public safety. Part of Trail 88 is located within the closure area.

Loop B is open, however, with 15 campsites available for use. Loop A is open to day use, but remains closed to overnight camping.

A campground host is present on site to provide assistance to guests.

Officials warn that public use of the facility could change in the future in the event of heavy rainfall or rapid or uncharacteristic movement in the landslide.

“Public safety is our number one priority,” says Jason Armbruster, acting Bearlodge District Ranger.

“We will continue to monitor precipitation amounts, lake levels, and the landslide activity to make timely decisions about continued operations and use at the site.”