End of line? Sundance frustrated with garbage board progress

By Sarah Pridgeon

Council Member Sheryl Klocker, who represents the City of Sundance on the Crook County Solid Waste Joint Powers Board, expressed her frustration last week that progress on finding a countywide garbage solution seems to have stalled completely.

The board held a meeting on January 25 in Hulett, she said. She and Council Member Owen Mathews both reported that nothing has changed in Sundance or Moorcroft with regards to support for a regional landfill.

Klocker also told the board that Sundance has been considering what to do about recycling and whether to keep the transfer station open to county garbage but, “doesn’t have any hard and fast decision yet.”

Commissioner Kelly Dennis and Mayors Larry Suchor and Vivien Odell of Pine Haven and Hulett, however, don’t support going ahead with putting a mill levy on the upcoming ballot, Klocker reported. Both Pine Haven and Hulett will be putting out contracts to bid for hauling, she said, and Odell told the group that Hulett likes its current set-up because it is user friendly.

Discussion was held about land valuations having increased and taxes already being up because of that change, which could make it difficult to pass a levy, Klocker reported. She then made a motion for the joint powers board to disband on the basis that it no longer serves any purpose; as no board member would second the motion, it died.

Calling it “frustration extreme”, Klocker shared that the board suggested some decisions could be made after this year’s election.

“I hope that the citizens of the county remember this come election time,” commented Mayor Paul Brooks.