Dumping trash prohibited on the Black Hills National Forest

Garbage deposited near Reuter Campground could limit future access
A popular area for target practice near Reuter Campground is slowly turning into a dump site on the Bearlodge Ranger District on the Black Hills National Forest.
“Over the past several months, garbage; including a refrigerator, loads of cans and bottles, cardboard and wooden boxes, have been dumped at this site,” said Jeanette Timm, Recreation Specialist, Bearlodge Ranger District. “As a result, we are re-evaluating allowing motorized access to this site.”
Dumping trash is prohibited on the Black Hills National Forest and can result in $100 – $500 for violations.
Actions prohibited on National Forests include:
• Dumping of refuse, debris, trash or litter brought onto the Forest.
• Placing anything in or near a stream, lake or other water feature which does or may pollute the water.
• Disposal of garbage, including paper, cans, bottles, sewage, waste water, or rubbish onto the Forest.
“Forest service crews removed and hauled the trash to the city dump,” said Timm. “We are asking the public to take responsibility to help maintain a clean Forest and take their trash with them when they leave the Forest otherwise the area will be closed.”
For more information on the Black Hills National Forest, visit http://www.fs.usda.gov/blackhills.