Driver license and plate fees to increase July 1

Motorists will pay more for driver license and motor vehicle registration fees starting July 1.

During the 2017 legislative session, lawmakers approved two bills, which will increase the fees for a driver license and the state’s portion of motor vehicle registrations. The new law takes effect July 1.

The increases will replace a portion of the $25 million in state general funding lawmakers removed from the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s budget this past session. WYDOT received those funds each fiscal year to maintain and operate the state roadways and bridges.

“With WYDOT no longer receiving any general funds from the state, the fee increases will be used to maintain a safe, high-quality and efficient transportation system to the traveling public,” said WYDOT Director Bill Panos.

For motor vehicle registrations, the increases depend on the type of vehicle. For passenger cars, the state portion will increase from $15 to $30, the legislative bill showed. That means if a passenger car’s registration fee is $300, Wyoming highways previously received $15 but will now receive $30. The county then gets the remainder of the funds. The following chart shows the current and new fees.

“State lawmakers last increased the state portion of vehicle registration fees in 1975,” Panos said.

State motor vehicle registration fees:              Current Fee        New Fee

Passenger Vehicles                                  $15                  $30

School Buses                                           $10                  $25

Motorcycles/Multipurpose Vehicles        $12                  $25

Noncommercial Trailers: Varies based on weight. There are six weight classifications. For example, 1,000 pounds or less the state fee will increase from $2 to $5, 3,501 to 4,500 pounds will increase from $20 to $40 and 6,001 pounds or more will increase from $60 to $9.

Commercial Vehicles: Varies based on weight. There are 30 weight classifications. For example, 26,000 or less will increase from $180 to $198, 50,001 to 52,000 will increase from $475 to $522.50 and 78,001 to 80,000 will increase from $825 to $907.50.


Although driver licenses fees also are increasing, it marks the first time it’s happened in 24 years.

“The last time there was an increase was in 1993,” Panos said. “Previously, the fees collected covered 40 percent of the costs of producing a driver’s license. The increases will now cover 80 percent of the costs.”

For a driver’s license, the fee will increase from $20 to $40, the legislative bill showed. The following chart shows the current and new fees.


Driver License Fees:                       Current Fee        New Fee

Driver License                                         $20                  $40

Driver License Renewal                           $15                  $30

Commercial License                                $25                  $50

Commercial License Renewal                  $20                  $40

Commercial Learner’s Permit                  $20                  $40

Commercial Learner’s Permit Renewal   $20                  $40

Restricted License                                   $10                  $20

Temporary Motorcycle Permit                   $3                    $6

Temporary Motorcycle Permit Renewal    $3                    $6

Motorcycle                                                $3                    $6

Motorcycle Renewal                                  $3                    $6

Commercial Skills Test Fee                     $40                  $80

Driver License w/ Limited Privileges (Probationary)                 $25                  $50


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