Driskill announces bid for re-election

Ogden Driskill Senate PhotoSenator Ogden Driskill has announced that he will run again for election to Wyoming Senate District #1. A long-time rancher and businessman, he strongly believes in the principles of free markets, less government, local control, individual liberty and responsibility and the values of small business.

“It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve northeast Wyoming for the last four years,” he says.

“The work of a legislator is demanding, but very rewarding.”

Senate District #1 was redistricted during Driskill’s tenure and now includes Crook, eastern Weston and northeastern Campbell County. The senator worked closely with Campbell County legislators during the process and says these established relationships will “benefit all the counties in the redistricted area.”

Driskill has been ranked among the top three most conservative Wyoming senators for the past three years. During his first term, he helped to arrange a landfill summit and advocated strongly for local communities in exploring solutions for their landfill problems.

He has worked closely with local communities to help with various water projects, including with the City of Sundance to replace the Cole Water Tank and to keep the Crook County Hospital running.

“It re-elected, I intend to continue working closely with local governments to return more control to them, while keeping their funding stable,” he says.

Driskill also plans to continue to be a strong voice for individual freedoms, local control and fiscal restraint and to fight against federal control, intervention and intrusion.

“I have helped to trim the size of state government during my first term. The last four years have leveled off and brought down government spending in Wyoming after a period of unprecedented spending,” he says.

“I am a believer in returning as much power and funding to local governments as possible. The best government is one that is managed and run locally.”

Among the achievements of his first term, Driskill points to his co-sponsorship of constitutional amendments guaranteeing Wyomingites the opportunity to hunt, fish and trap and ensuring that citizens can choose how they participate in health care. He co-sponsored the Wyoming open carry law and sponsored bills to revoke warrantless searches from Wyoming Game and Fish and make silencers legal.

He has also sponsored major reform to eminent domain laws, protecting private property owners, and assisted in making it legal to ride ATVs on county roads and highways. Though they failed, he sponsored bills to redistrict the federal government’s ability to take Wyoming’s water, on stricter immigration reform, to enhance Wyoming’s ‘Castle Doctrine’ and to require identification when voting.

Driskill has also served as Vice Chair of the Travel, Recreation and Wildlife Committee and as a member of the Agriculture, Water and Public Lands Committee and Select Natural Resources Funding Committee.

He was President of the 2012 Western Legislative Academy, a leadership class for legislators in the western states and served on the Statewide Concessions, Governor’s Sage Grouse and Governor’s Forestry Task Forces. He was awarded the 2013 Conservation Award by the Bowhunters of Wyoming and the Wyoming Wildlife Federation.

Driskill has extensive small business experience and 20 years involved with the tourism industry and vegetation management, working with oil, uranium, mining, utility and agricultural industries. His family has owned and managed ranching, vegetation control and tourism businesses in the Devils Tower area for generations.

“I have managed large work crews and understand the demands of running a small business and the burdens that laws and regulations place on them,” he says.

He has a personal goal to help strengthen the economy of northeastern Wyoming by supporting businesses and municipalities.

Driskill welcomes and encourages questions and open conversations about the issues that are important to Wyomingites, he says. He can be contacted via ogden.driskill@wyoleg.gov or (307) 680-5555.

“I would be honored if the voters gave me the chance to represent them another four years,” he concludes.