Ditching the evidence – Pair nabbed after sticking stolen vehicle on edge of town

By Sarah Pridgeon

Two men from Campbell County were arrested two miles south of Sundance on Friday morning after lodging their stolen pick-up in a ditch on Highway 116 near the Conoco gas station. The suspects, Joshua Ott and Gregory Toth, walked away from the vehicle in different directions but were both located and taken into custody.

Highway Patrol responded to the report of a stuck vehicle at 6:30 a.m. The Sheriff’s Department and Sundance Police Department assisted in locating the pick-up’s occupants, the first of whom was found walking along the highway.

The second had disappeared into the trees with a blanket filled with belongings but, says Sheriff Steve Stahla, reappeared before the search party began looking for him.

Toth was held in custody on a Campbell County warrant and Ott had a hold for probation and parole. Both were held in custody at Crook County Detention Center before being sent to Campbell County.