Distinctive clothing leads to arrest after Aladdin Store burglary

By Sarah Pridgeon

Two suspects are in custody following a burglary at the Aladdin Store on March 4. The juveniles were arrested after images from the security cameras were shared with the public.

On March 6, the Crook County Sheriff’s Office received a tip based on the images. The caller stated he had seen both suspects wearing the hoodies shown in the photos and one of the suspects wearing pants tucked into cowboy boots as shown in the image.

The caller allegedly reported that one of the two suspects had been living out of state, but had returned to Sundance days before the burglary took place. A second tip suggested that one of the suspects had been attempting to sell cheap cigarettes at the high school the day after the break-in.

One of the suspects denied involvement when interviewed at his home, but it soon transpired that he had attempted to hide the cowboy boots prior to the arrival of law enforcement. According the reports, they were located in a ditch near the residence.

According to reports, the second suspect provided a detailed confession, including an account of how the pair entered the store, a list of items taken that was consistent with the evidence and details of where those items are currently located. After obtaining a search warrant, deputies conducted a search at a residence in Aladdin just before 3 a.m. on March 7.

The juvenile’s mother allegedly corrected her statement that she was sure her son had been home on the evening of March 4, stating that she had left the house to visit a friend on the night of the burglary. She led deputies to the suspect’s bedroom, where deputies observed a hoodie similar to the one worn in the image.

The suspect was detained and a search was conducted. Items seized included ski masks, a hoodie matching the one in video evidence, an empty knife sheath matching the size of the knife found at the scene, a pair of camo gloves, empty cans of energy drink consistent with the ones described as missing from the store and three cartons of cigarettes also consistent with items missing from the store.

When interviewed, the suspect allegedly admitted going to the store and entering through an upstairs window, where he waited while his partner lowered himself through a hole in the floor and opened a door to let him in. He also allegedly admitted having entered the store with the intent to commit a crime.