Daycare Center nearing completion

By Sarah Pridgeon
The new Sundance Kids Daycare Center has entered its final stage of review, after which the building can be officially opened, according to Mike Glassing of CTA Architects Engineers, speaking at last Tuesday’s regular meeting of the Sundance City Council. Assuming the review process goes to plan, the building is expected to be ready for occupation on December 1.
Over the last week, CTA has been completing a review of the building and performing a final walkthrough. Health and safety officials will also need to check the premises and, once the power was turned on this week, technicians began “checking, testing and tweaking,” said Glassing.
Various small tasks will need to be completed before the building is opened. A partition located in the common area is on order and will need to be installed, said Glassing, but this can be done quickly and the building can still be occupied without it.
According to Larry Schommer, Public Works Director, responding to Glassing’s concern that dirt piling up around the building will cause water to run down towards it and into the crawlspace, the soil has been spread out to dry and is not yet graded. Once this has been done, four to five inches of top soil will be added.
Council member Larry Goodson also requested that the trash that has blown from the site into the creek be cleaned up. Glassing confirmed that this would be done.
Glassing also addressed the additional fee of $3,500 that was presented to the council several months ago, explaining that the contract does stipulate that more money can be requested if there is a change of scope or timescale. The fee, he went on, was intended to offset extra costs incurred since the project’s initial estimated completion date in June; the council agreed to review the invoice and take action at the next meeting.