Davis issues formal apology to campaign rival

By Sarah Pridgeon

Ted Davis, who will challenge Tyler Lindholm for the House District #1 seat next week, has issued a formal apology to his rival over campaign claims that were factually incorrect. Davis mistakenly believed that Lindholm voted earlier this year for a bill that would have given members of the LGBT community protection from discrimination when using public bathrooms and facilities.

Davis’s claims, however, were based on the incorrect assumption that the bill was still intact when Lindholm voted for it.

“When you research S.F. 115 on the internet and various locations, you see a lot of publicity on it, and that’s what we were going off. When you look at the version of the bill that was passed by the Senate, it has the entire bill printed into it,” he says.

“In our research, we used those sources of information but I overlooked the legislative digest, which tracks the bill as it goes through the Senate and House and tracks the amendments that happen.”

Because the bill failed in the House, he continues, there is no final version of the bill to compare with what was introduced. The bill remained the same until the final vote, Davis says, when the edits included removing the section about public accommodations and facilities.

“Our representative voted for it, but not in its full version,” he says.

“In its final version in the House, it would have given minority status to people based on sexual orientation or gender identity for purposes of employment. It would have still been a non-discrimination bill to prevent discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, but it didn’t have the public accommodations aspect still in it and I believed it did.”

Davis believes that it’s important to set the record straight before the primary election next week.

“When you come to that conclusion then you immediately know you need to correct that in the public’s perception because you’ve been putting out information that’s incorrect,” he says.

“That night, I immediately issued an apology to my opponent and his supporters.”

Lindholm has accepted the apology from his opponent.

“I think it’s unfortunate that the entire debate during the summer was focused on a lie, but I do take heart that once the lie was fully realized, Mr. Davis immediately owned the situation and apologized,” he says.

“That took guts to do, and I have accepted Ted’s apology on the condition that he ensures he attempts to set the record straight with the voters of House District #1.  I have no doubt he will do so immediately and I look forward to working with Ted in the future.”