Crook County Volunteer firefighters recognized

Brandi and Danny Fowler

Crook County Volunteer fire units and personnel received very high evaluations from their work on the Oil Creek Fire in Weston County earlier this month. All units worked extremely well with their Division Supervisors and were always ready when needed. In particular, the crew of Hulett’s Engine 433 was highly praised for containing a spot fire that if not caught, would have increased the size of the fire a lot more. Danny and Brandi Fowler of Engine 433 were with a strike team of engines that were working the fire on the north end. By listening clearly and following the instructions given by their command unit, they were first to respond and line a two-acre spot fire which ultimately resulted in containing that fire.

Fire Warden Gari Gill praised volunteer firefighters, fire departments and local employers, “The last four weeks has been extremely active with fires and everyone in the County has done a great job of getting to the fires quickly and keeping them small. All the local ranchers are getting there quickly and that really helps when you have 16 fires going in the same area. The local fire departments are to be commended also for putting in extremely long hours and still maintaining coverage in their respective towns. We can’t thank the various employers that are releasing these firefighters from their positions to help fight fires. We recognize that it does not help their business, but it sure does show a lot of support for the county and what we do as volunteers and I can’t say Thank You enough!”

Crook County Volunteer Fire Department is always looking for additional volunteers from ages 18-80. Additionally, donations of supplies and funds are greatly appreciated. For more information on how to volunteer or donate, please visit the Crook County Volunteer Fire page on the county’s website at