Crook County School District No. 1 – Jan. 18

CALL TO ORDER – The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Crook County School District #1 was held in Sundance, WY, Monday, January 18, 2016, at the hour of 6 p.m. at the Sundance High School.

ROLL CALL – The meeting opened with the following present: Chairman Brian Marchant; Trustees Marlene Edwards, Rick Gill, Thayne Gray, Keith Haiar, Dena Mills, Josie Pearson, and Ken Rathbun. Trustee absent – Don Clonch. Administrators present – Byron Stutzman, Superintendent; Teresa Brown, Director of Curriculum; Sandra Neiman, Director of Special Education; Linda Wolfskill, Hulett School Principal; Jason Moss, Moorcroft K8 Principal; Brian Brandon, Moorcroft K8 Assistant Principal; Becky Waters, Moorcroft High School Principal; Brian Hartwig, Sundance Elementary Principal; Mark Broderson, Sundance Secondary Principal; and Darlene Hartman-Hallam, Bear Lodge High School Principal.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Motion was made by Trustee Gill and seconded by Trustee Mills to approve the minutes of the last regular meeting. Motion carried.

ADOPTION OF AGENDA – Motion was made by Trustee Pearson and seconded by Trustee Edwards to adopt the agenda. Motion carried.

VISITORS – John Riesland, Wyoming School Boards Association Area 16 Director, said it was his pleasure to attend tonight’s meeting in order to present Certified Board Member certificates and pins to Thayne Gray and Marlene Edwards and a Certified Master Board Member certificate and pin to Josie Pearson.

FINANCIAL – Motion was made by Trustee Mills and seconded by Trustee Rathbun to approve the financial reports as submitted. Motion carried.

CONSTRUCTION – Tom Necklason, owner rep, gave a progress report on the Sundance Elementary school project and answered questions from the board members.

BOCES AND BOCHES – Trustee Pearson reported she didn’t have a BOCES report yet; the January meeting is this Thursday. Trustee Haiar reported on the BOCHES teleconference call he participated in earlier this month.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS – Teresa Brown, Director of Curriculum, gave a CIA (curriculum, instruction, assessment) report to board members.

PRINCIPALS – Mark Broderson, Sundance Secondary Principal, reported SHS music teacher, Todd Kahler, is chaperoning Cole Inghram in Cheyenne at the All State Choir performance tonight. Brian Hartwig, Sundance Elementary Principal, reported his building is requesting that MAP testing be moved from March to May.


Byron Stutzman, Superintendent, reported:

He and Marlene Edwards attended the 2016 WSBA Workshop in Casper on Saturday; Dr. Strahorn, the WSBA Director of Member Services, lives in Gillette, and is available to lead any board training the district might want

Kudos to Kathy Lenz and the City of Sundance for winning a million-dollar grant from the State Lands & Investments Board to fund upgrades to boost the city’s water system!!

He sent out draft calendars for 2016-17 and 2017-18 to the leadership team and superintendent’s council and asked for their input; he would like to have both calendars approved at the February meeting

Kudos to building principals and staff for completing quality Wyoming Comprehension Plans! Kudos to Teresa Brown for completing the district’s plan! Patrons can go to the district’s website www.crook1 to read the plans.

The 2016 Legislative Forum is February 21 and 22 in Cheyenne

He will attend the NE District Superintendent’s Meeting at Ucross this Thursday and Friday

A board member requested an update on the lack of a Hulett school nurse. Has the district received any quotes/bids for services from a medical entity? A discussion was held. Linda Wolfskill, Hulett Principal, gave input.

CHAIRMAN – Chairman Marchant said he did not have a report; however, he did remind board members to raise their hands in order to be recognized before addressing the rest of the board and/or members of the audience and before asking questions.

CONSENT AGENDA – Chairman Marchant asked if any board member would like an item removed from the Consent Agenda.

Motion was made by Trustee Gray and seconded by Trustee Mills to approve the Consent Agenda.

To approve the bill listing and to issue warrants in payment thereof.

To approve a 2015-16 substitute/activity bus driver: 1. Shannon Baseman

To approve 2015-16 requests to home school for: 1. Darby and Laura Whisler; 2. Atlee and Catherine Mosley

To approve the immediate resignation of: 1. Mary Fugate – Moorcroft HS part-time custodian

To approve a resignation at the end of the 2015-16 school year: 1. Tim Hoard

To approve classified hiring: 1. Diane Adolf – Moorcroft HS administrative assistant

Motion carried.

ATHLETIC FIELD DESIGN TEAM – Trustee Rathbun declared a conflict of interest, left the room, and abstained from discussion or vote. Motion was made by Trustee Gill and seconded by Trustee Pearson to accept the bid from AVI Engineering of Cheyenne as the design team for the Sundance athletic complex/ football field and the Hulett track. Superintendent Stutzman said AVI was chosen by a committee consisting of himself, Tom Necklason, Mark Broderson, Brian Marchant and WY School Facilities Department team members, Taner Norton and Charles Cauffman. Motion carried. Trustee Rathbun returned to the meeting.

POLICY COMMITTEE – Chairman Marchant asked board members their opinion on establishing a policy committee to review district policies and bring recommendations to the whole board if changes or corrections needed to be made. Motion was made by Trustee Mills and seconded by Trustee Gray to establish a committee of 3 board members and the superintendent. A question was asked if CCSD#1 policy allows standing committees; Mark Hughes gave input; and further discussion was held. Motion failed. Motion was made by Trustee Gray and seconded by Trustee Rathbun to table establishing a policy committee.

LIQUIDATED DAMAGES FOR MOORCROFT K8 – Motion was made by Trustee Rathbun and seconded by Trustee Pearson to direct Superintendent Stutzman and Mark Hughes to go forward with quantifying costs for man hours and other expenses as basis for a liquidated damages claim against Van Ewing Construction for late completion of the Moorcroft K8 Building. Discussion was held, and Mark Hughes gave his legal opinions. Motion carried.

COPIERS/PRINT SERVICES BID – As recommended by the technology and business office team, motion was made by Trustee Pearson and seconded by Trustee Gray to accept the request for bids of the Office Shop, Inc. of Sheridan, WY, for a five-year contract for copier and print services. Motion carried.

HIRING – Motion was made by Trustee Person and seconded by Trustee Gill to move Action Item E. Superintendent Hiring to follow XI. Executive Session. Motion carried.

RECOGNITION – Crook County School Board members want to recognize the following for their performance or accomplishments:

Congratulations to Mason Neiman and the PoetryOutLoud Sundance HS contestants!

Kudos to SHS senior Cole Inghram – Cole has been selected all four years of high school to All State Choir!

DISCUSSION – Sundance Athletic Field: Discussion was held about how to raise additional funds for the new SHS athletic field – lights for the football field and various track & field accessories. Board members asked that the Sundance HS Booster Club and Mark Broderson keep them informed of fundraising efforts.

RECESS BEFORE EXECUTIVE SESSION – Motion was made by Trustee Pearson and seconded by Trustee Gill to take a short recess at 7:20 p.m. and then go into executive session to discuss personnel. Motion carried.

REGULAR SESSION – Chairman Marchant called the meeting back into regular session at 8:35 p.m.

HIRING – Motion was made by Trustee Gray and seconded by Trustee Haiar to table hiring the superintendent. Motion carried.

ADJOURNMENT – Motion was made by Trustee Pearson and seconded by Trustee Edwards to adjourn the meeting at 8:40 p.m. Motion carried.