Crook County School District No. 1 Board Meeting – May 21





Preparing Today for Success Tomorrow

CCSD#1 will prepare & empower all students for successful, lifelong learning through effective teaching.



ORDER                       The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Crook County School District #1 was held in Sundance, WY, Monday, May 21, 2018, at the hour of 6:00 PM at Sundance Elementary.


ROLL CALL               The meeting opened with the following present:  Chairman Brian Marchant; Trustees Marlene Edwards, Rick Gill, Thayne Gray, Keith Haiar, Dena Mills, Josie Pearson, Ken Rathbun, and Chase Williams.  No trustee absent.  Administrators present – Mark Broderson, Superintendent; Sandra L. Neiman, Director of Special Education; Teresa Brown, Moorcroft K8 Principal; Becky Waters, Moorcroft High School Principal; Brian Hartwig, Sundance Elementary Principal; and Jim O’Connor, Sundance Secondary Principal.


MINUTES                  Motion was made by Trustee Edwards and seconded by Trustee Gill to approve the minutes of the last regular meeting.  Motion carried.


AGENDA                    Motion was made by Trustee Rathbun and seconded by Trustee Mills to adopt the agenda as presented.   Motion carried.


VISITORS                  Birch Negaard, Sundance HS parent, asked the board to change Policy GCF – Hiring, Retention, and Promotion, to allow Greta Crawford to coach volleyball next fall.   The policy requires a 365-day break in service before a retiree can return to work for the district.


Casey McInerney, Sundance JHS parent, also spoke in support of changing Policy GCF.


Mason Neiman, Sundance HS English teacher, spoke to the board.  “Being that I have been accepted to graduate school at Duke University for this coming fall, it is still with a heavy heart that I resign my position at SHS and leave the Sundance community which we have grown to love. I have taught and coached at SHS for the past seven years, and count it a gift of having been able to work with you. It has been a blessing and an honor, and I hope that my efforts have borne the fruit of one committed to the good of our community and its children. So on behalf of myself and my family, thank you.”


Kyle Biggs, Hulett School student, qualified for the 2018 USA Special Olympics in Seattle this July.  He told board members about himself and Special Olympics.  Kassie Clements, Special Olympics sponsor, introduced Kyle and gave a summary of the WY State Special Olympics Games that were held last week.   Board members stood to applaud Kyle’s accomplishments and wished him luck!


Wesann Brown, WY AdvancEd Committee Chair from Campbell County School District #1, presented an AdvancEd Certificate of Accreditation plaque to Mr. Broderson and board members stating Crook County School District #1 has met the criteria for educational quality as established by the NCA Commission, the Northwest Accreditation Commission, and the SACS Commission – valid through June of 2023.  She spoke highly of Crook County, its superintendent, and the communities.


Chairman Marchant used this time to acknowledge and thank Greta Crawford, who taught for 35 years and will retire at the end of this school year; Trustee Haiar presented her with an engraved acrylic apple.   Board members and members of the audience stood to applaud!


Chairman Marchant also acknowledged and thanked Jerry Fischbach for his 30-year teaching career in Crook County.  Trustees Williams and Gray presented him with an engraved acrylic apple and spoke of the positive influence Jerry has been at the Moorcroft HS and in the community.  Board members and members of the audience stood to applaud!


Chairman Marchant also thanked Kathy Zimmerschied for 28 years of service at the Hulett School.  Kathy is retiring at the end of this week; she was unable to attend tonight’s meeting.  Her engraved acrylic apple will be presented to her by Linda Wolfskill, Hulett Principal.


FINANCIAL               Motion was made by Trustee Gray and seconded by Trustee Mills to approve the financial statements as submitted


BOCES                         Trustee Pearson did not attend the April meeting; however, she shared written minutes from that meeting.   She plans to attend the May meeting on Thursday, May 24.


PROGRAMS             Sandra Neiman, Director of Special Education, spoke of her pride in the Special Olympics athletes and their accomplishments!  She informed board members she finished another audit, which met the full requirements, and she is very proud of her staff.  Mrs. Neiman has another audit beginning June 1.  Trustee Pearson expressed appreciation to Mrs. Neiman for her dedication in providing wonderful, continuing education opportunities for her staff.


PRINCIPALS            Brian Hartwig, Teresa Brown, Becky Waters, and Jim O’Connor spoke about winding down the school year and results from state track and golf.



                                        Mark Broderson, Superintendent, informed board members that

  • CCSD#1 has signed the necessary paperwork to complete buying the lot in Moorcroft; the site will be cleaned up this summer by district employees
  • The PREC project to move the utility pole at the SHS track is progressing
  • Updated design work is needed for the MHS parking lot project; this means dirt work won’t begin until June or July
  • If they have questions about the SHS student group traveling to Puerto Rico the first week in June, please contact Amy Soriano or himself; it does not qualify as an out-of-country trip but it is not a common travel destination
  • He received positive feedback for the sack lunches provided to each district employee to commemorate Teacher Appreciation Week (May 7-11)
  • He will share results and recommendations, from the May 2 admin retreat, at the June board meeting


SESSION                     Motion was made by Trustee Mills and seconded by Trustee Williams to go into executive session at 6:27 PM to discuss personnel issues.  Motion carried.


SESSION                     Chairman Marchant called the regular meeting back into session at 6:55 PM.



AGENDA                    Chairman Marchant asked if any board member would like any item removed from the Consent Agenda.


Trustee Rathbun asked to remove Item H.8.


Motion was made by Trustee Gill and seconded by Trustee Pearson to approve the Consent Agenda minus Item H.8.


To approve the bill listing and to issue warrants in payment thereof.


To approve Sundance EWC non-credit instructors:

  1. Todd Hickman – Laser Engrave Wooden Serving Platters, Saw Mill Education,

Mother’s Day Engraving Mugs

  1. Charity Lindholm – Kids’ Dance Class 3


To approve resignations:

  1. James Halverson – Sundance Secondary Ag Education Teacher
  2. Kameryn Towell – Moorcroft K8 Special Education Teacher
  3. Katie Ribstein – Moorcroft K8 Art Teacher
  4. Alexandria Barrett – Sundance High School Special Education Para
  5. Jaylinn Lohr – Sundance Elementary Special Education Para


To approve resignation from April, 2018, board meeting:

  1. Alondra Munoz – Moorcroft K8 Teacher (did not accept 2018-19 contract)


To approve 2017-18 isolation request:

  1. Rene Shirley


To approve summer 2018 custodial/grounds keeping hiring:

  1. Hulett: Kristin Wolf
  2. Moorcroft HS: Emily Bryant, Julie Connally
  3. Sundance HS: Cora Fitzgerald, Doug Carter (.5), Lisa Fletcher (.5)


To approve 2018-19 hiring:

  1. Jacqueline Kary – Hulett Part-time Counselor
  2. Jessica Watkins – Hulett Elementary Teacher
  3. Jennifer Jungwirth – Sundance Secondary English Teacher
  4. Jaclyn Garrison – Moorcroft K8 Teacher
  5. Natalie Warga – MK8 Special Education Teacher


To approve 2018-19 special education related services contracts:

  1. Belle Fourche School District #9-1
  2. Bifulco, Katherine
  3. Lovett, Lisa
  4. Malone, Macey
  5. Mountain Plains Counseling Center
  6. North Platte Physical Therapy, Inc.
  7. Northern Wyoming Mental Health


To approve 2018 summer school & 21st century hiring as presented at tonight’s meeting.  A copy of the hiring list is attached and becomes a part of these minutes.


To approve 2018-19 extra-duty contracts for Moorcroft and Sundance as presented at tonight’s meeting.  A copy of the hiring list is attached and becomes a part of these minutes.


To approve 2017-18 Perkins stipends:

  1. Hulett Ken Merwin
  2. Moorcroft Darcy Sams
  3. Sundance Stephanie Grubb

Motion carried.


Motion was made by Trustee Gill and seconded by Trustee Mills to approve the 2018-19 special education related services contract with Specials, LLC.  Trustee Rathbun asked why the contract is a different format than the others.  Mr. Hughes expressed his opinion that the service provider chose not to use the WDE form.  He also said he has reviewed this contract for a number of years and it is acceptable as written.  Motion carried.


GRADUATION        As recommended by the superintendent, motion was made by Trustee Williams and seconded by Trustee Rathbun to set the 2019 graduation date and times as:

                                                        Sunday, May 19       SUNDANCE                        1 PM

Sunday, May 19       HULETT                              3:30 PM

Sunday, May 19       MOORCROFT                    6 PM

The last day for seniors will be Wednesday, May 15, 2019.  Motion carried.


HIGH SCHOOL        As recommended by the superintendent, motion was made by Trustee Haiar and seconded by Trustee Pearson to declare Bear Lodge High School as surplus property and allow Supt. Broderson to solicit sealed bids with a set minimum amount required.  Motion carried.


REVISION                  As recommended by the superintendent, motion was made by Trustee Pearson and seconded by Trustee Mills to table revising Policy IKF – Graduation Requirements.  Motion carried.


NEW POSITION      As recommended by the superintendent, motion was made by Trustee Williams and seconded by Trustee Gill to approve a new MK8 teacher position.  Board members asked Principal Brown which grade level needed an additional teacher; it is at the junior high level to reduce the student/teacher ratio for core subjects.  Motion carried.


FACILITATOR        As recommended by the superintendent, motion was made by Trustee Pearson and seconded by Trustee Rathbun to approve hiring a full-time instructional facilitator for the 2018-19 school year.   Discussion was held about the position.  A single person has not filled the position for a number of years.  The funds have been divided to pay individuals teachers a yearly stipend to do mentoring and instructional facilitator work at each school.  Supt. Broderson is looking for a person to run a mentoring program and do instructional coaching and curriculum work.  If there are no applicants with the right skill set, he plans to continue paying IF and mentor stipends to building teachers.  Motion carried.


BUDGET                    Pamela Garman, Business Manager, presented the 2018-19 tentative budget summary to board members.  Motion was made by Trustee Gray and seconded by Trustee Edwards to approve the tentative budget.  Motion carried.  A copy of the summary is attached and becomes a part of the minutes.


BENEFITS                 Motion was made by Trustee Haiar and seconded by Trustee Gill to approve the 2018-19 salary & benefits package as recommended by the salary committee.  Trustee Mills presented a summary of the recommendations.  She noted the wellness incentive will pay $200 to the employees’ HRA for each qualifying employee and spouse who participated in a blood draw.  Trustee Gill read aloud the increases to extra-duty contracts.  The other two salary committee members are Trustees Gray and Marchant.   Motion carried.  A copy of the salary & benefits package is attached and becomes a part of these minutes.


RECOGNITION       Crook County School Board members want to recognize the following for their performance or accomplishments:

  • Thanks, Jackie Karey, for doing a great job finishing out this school year as counselor at the Hulett School!
  • Congratulations & good luck to the 2018 Crook County graduates!
  • Thank you to the high schools for the great graduation ceremonies!
  • Congratulations to students and teams for a great finish at state athletic events!
  • Congratulations, Krizma Delfino, MK8 4th grade student, for your winning 2018 Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom bookmark!
  • Thanks, Pam Garman, for all your hard work organizing the wellness challenge!
  • Thanks, Janell Willems, for doing a great job organizing the May 11 district in-service, especially since the first scheduled date was cancelled due to bad weather!
  • Congratulations, Mary Hunter, for winning 2A Track Coach of the Year!


DISCUSSION            Birch Negaard, Sundance parent, has requested CCSD#1 change its Policy GCF – Hiring, Retention, and Promotion and corresponding policy guide, to allow Greta Crawford, who is retiring this school year, to coach volleyball next fall.   Discussion was held about changing the policy from a one-year break in service to a six-month break in service.   A six-month break would not help this specific situation since the last day of insurance coverage for a certified employee is August 31.  Questions were asked and answered, and input was also taken from members of the audience.  If there is not at least a six-month break in service, the school district is required to offer full health insurance benefits, per the Affordable Care Act (ACA) rules, to qualifying individuals.  It would increase the cost of this extra-duty contract by $1540/month.  Various suggestions were offered.  It was decided the corresponding effect in granting an exception for one individual should be further researched before changing the policy.  Supt. Broderson, Attorney Mark Hughes, and SHS Principal Jim O’Connor will do additional research before the school board takes action on this request in June.


MENT                          Motion was made by Trustee Pearson and seconded by Trustee Gill to adjourn the meeting at 7:53 PM.   Motion carried.



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