Crook County School District #1 Board of Trustees – Sept. 19

CALL TO ORDER – The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Crook County School District #1 was held in Sundance, WY, Monday, September 19, 2016, at the hour of 6:08 p.m. at Sundance Elementary School.

ROLL CALL – The meeting opened with the following present: Acting Chairman Dena Mills; Trustees Don Clonch, Marlene Edwards, Rick Gill, and Thayne Gray. Trustees absent – Keith Haiar, Brian Marchant, Josie Pearson, and Ken Rathbun. Administrators present – Mark Broderson, Superintendent; Teresa Brown, Director of Curriculum; Sandra L. Neiman, Director of Special Education; Linda Wolfskill, Hulett School Principal; Jason Moss, Moorcroft K8 Principal; Brian Brandon, Moorcroft K8 Assistant Principal; Becky Waters, Moorcroft High School Principal; Brian Hartwig, Sundance Elementary Principal; and Jim O’Connor, Sundance Secondary Principal;

APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Motion was made by Trustee Gill and seconded by Trustee Gray to approve the minutes of the last regular meeting. Motion carried. Motion was made by Trustee Edwards and seconded by Trustee Clonch to approve the minutes of the August 29 special meeting. Motion carried.

ADOPTION OF AGENDA – Motion was made by Trustee Gray and seconded by Trustee Gill to adopt the agenda. Motion carried.

VISITORS – No visitors.

FINANCIAL – Motion was made by Trustee Gray and seconded by Trustee Gill to approve the financial reports as submitted. Motion carried.

CONSTRUCTION – Tom Necklason, owner representative, reported there is a small punch list yet to be completed at the new Sundance Elementary; about the progress at the Sundance athletic field; and that the old elementary building is being painted and cleaned so central office can be completely moved in by November 1.

BOCES – No report.


Teresa Brown, Director of Curriculum, spoke about the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) tests and the high scores earned by Crook County students in career and technical programs. She also received a 1003a improvement grant for $50,000 which will be used for visual math professional development and to partially fund wages for a Hulett para.

Sandra Neiman, Director of Special Education, invited board members to Sam’s Club this Wednesday at noon at central office. She has Sam’s Club once a month with district-wide special education staff and uses the time for professional development. This year’s focus will be on law; also those court cases specific to areas around or similar to Crook County.


Brian Hartwig, Sundance Elementary, welcomed board members to visit the new building at any time; he said the move has been exciting for staff and students.

Brian Hartwig, Jim O’Connor, Becky Waters, Jason Moss, and Linda Wolfskill also spoke to board members about MAP testing, enrollment, and extra-curricular activities which occurred. Events included a JHVB tournament, state golf, peach sales, and 911 remembrances. Upcoming events include Sundance homecoming the last week in September; Moorcroft homecoming the week of October 10; and MHS prom on April 22.

Teresa Brown invited board members to Bear Lodge High School’s open house Wednesday from 4-6 p.m., at which time students will present their projects.


Mark Broderson, Superintendent, informed board members

  • The district’s leadership team is working on next year’s accreditation; they have broken up into various teams to work on different standards
  • He will go to the AdvancED Wyoming Fall 2016 Continuous Improvement Conference next week in Casper
  • He will be in Glenrock for an on-site accreditation visit the week of October 3
  • He will schedule a school board work session after the Glenrock visit so he and board members can work on the two accreditation standards that specifically relate to the school board
  • The WSBA Annual Conference is November 16-18 in Casper
  • Next month’s agenda will include a request for a student and school district employee to travel to Austria; he has given the employee permission to start making travel arrangements
  • The calendar is set for the 2016-17 school year; when working on the next school calendars, attention will be given to concerns from parents of 4H students about school starting the week of the WY State Fair
  • He is researching cost estimates to construct terraces on the side hill of the Sundance athletic complex
  • He is researching the request from Sundance Elementary to increase hours for a part-time custodian
  • The school district needs approximately $750,000 to demolish central office; the SFD has approved $350,000; he will make another request to the SFD at its October 17 meeting
  • The City of Sundance will give CCSD#1 its old shop building across from SHS in exchange for the corner lot where central office sits. He requested the board take action this evening to approve the land exchange; Acting Chairman Mills deferred making this decision until all or most board members can be in attendance to hear the information and then vote
  • The MHS football bleacher project is almost complete

CONSENT AGENDA – Acting Chairman Mills asked if any board member would like an item removed from the Consent Agenda.

Motion was made by Trustee Gray and seconded by Trustee Clonch to approve the Consent Agenda:

To approve the bill listing and to issue warrants in payment thereof.

To approve the Concurrent and Dual Enrollment MOU between Eastern Wyoming College and CCSD#1.

To approve the 2016-17 special education related services contract with Northeast Wyoming BOCES for occupational therapy services.

To approve a classified employee in-district transfer from part-time to full-time: 1. Alexis Fowles – MK8 Part-time Custodian to MHS Full-time Custodian

To approve 2016-17 stipends: 1. Kassie Clements – Summer 2016 CPI Training; 2. Teresa Brown- District-wide Mentor for 2016-17 New Teachers

To approve 2016-17 extra-duty contracts for: 1. Andrea Wood – MHS Junior Class Sponsor (.5); 2. Chris Ingersoll – MHS Junior Class Sponsor (.5); 3. Nathan Towell – MHS Extra Instrumental (.5) and Extra Vocal (.5); 4. Amanda DeBoer – MHS FFA Sponsor (school year)

To approve 2016-17 Requests to Home School: 1. Anna Burch, 2. Ted and Sherri Davis, 3. Ami Hanson, 4. Karey Hedlund and L. Harbour, 5. Douglas and Sammie Hilliard, 6. James and Amanda Keller, 7. Larry and Terra Lambert, 8. Ray and Susan Miner, 9. James and Rebecca Palus, 10. James II and Micaela Reeves, 11. Otto and Demarest Schlosser, 12. Joshua and Rebecca Throckmorton, 13. Rodney and Tonya Throckmorton, 14. Atlee and Cathy Mosley, 15. Tom and Andrea Mills, 16. Earl and Cori Busenitz

To approve 2016-17 Requests for Isolation: 1. Joshua and Hilari Anderson, 2. Judd and Latrisha Bilbrey, 3. Warren and Jackie Dailey, 4. James and Lara Dirks, 5. Ben and Lori Garman, 6. Doug and Rolene Halbmaier, 7. Guy and Shanna Howell, 8. Anna Leveque, 9. Charity Northup, 10. Brittany Richard, 11. Johnie and Julie Ridinger, 12. Barry Rodgers, 13. Tommy and Bonnie Schwindt, 14. Art and Kim Somervold, 15. Corby Ward, 16. Kyle and Shelley West, 17. James and Stephanie Williams, 18. Diana Wood, 19. Nicole Roberts

To approve a 2016-17 activity bus driver: 1. Mason Neiman

To approve hiring the following 2016-17 after school programs staff: 1. D-W: Teresa Brown; 2. Hulett: Lila Kennah, Coleen Letellier, Kenneth Merwin, Carla Snook, Linda Wolfskill; 3. MK8: Desiree Albertson, Linda Cote, Mary Farnsworth, Shawna Fischbach, Evelyn Hernandez, Maria Highland, Shanna Kinnick, Sarah Merchen, Alyson Nelson, Gypsy Petz, Joy Sheehan; 4. MHS: Lark Durnell, Deb Harrison, Kim Jones, Steve Richter, Andrea Wood; 5. SE: Calvin Dobesh, Blake Hunkins, Tina Inghram, Michelle McDonald, Angela Olson, Trevor Olson; 6. SHS: Gerri Moore, Nick Olson, Susan Wilson

To approve part-time hiring for 2016-17: 1. Charity Lindholm – Sundance HS Music Choreographer

Motion carried.

VEHICLE LEASES – As recommended by the superintendent, motion was made by Trustee Clonch and seconded by Trustee Gill to approve the resolution authorizing CCSD#1 to lease, with an option to purchase, three Ford Expeditions from Sundance State Bank. Motion carried.

MAINTENANCE – As recommended by the superintendent, motion was made by Trustee Gill and seconded by Trustee Gray to approve a 2016-17 Maintenance of Isolated Pupils request by Chris and Stephanie Marchant in the amount of $390 a month for nine months. Motion carried.

GRADUATION – As recommended by the superintendent, motion was made by Trustee Clonch and seconded by Trustee Gray to approve 2017 graduation dates: Bear Lodge, Friday, May 19, noon; Moorcroft, Sunday, May 21, 1 p.m.; Sundance, Sunday, May 21, 3:30 p.m.; Hulett, Sunday, May 21, 6 p.m. Motion carried. The last day for seniors will be Wednesday, May 17, 2017.

POLICIES – As recommended by the superintendent, motion was made by Trustee Gill and seconded by Trustee Edwards to approve first reading of new policies:

  1. EHAAD – Data Integrity, 2. EHAAE – Data Backup and Storage, 3. EHAAF – Data Retention and Disposition, 4. EHAAG – Data Disposal, 5. EHAAH – Critical Analysis of Data and Applications, 6. EHAAI – Data Access Authorization, 7. EHAAJ – Data Contingency Operations, 8. EHAAK – Termination of Access to Data. Motion carried. A copy of each policy is attached and becomes a part of these minutes.

RECOGNITION – Mr. Broderson expressed appreciation to district-wide custodial staff!

DISCUSSION – No discussion.

RECESS – Acting Chairman Mills called for a short break at 6:49 p.m.

REGULAR SESSION – Acting Chairman Mills called the regular meeting back into session at 6:58 p.m.

EXECUTIVE SESSION – Motion was made by Trustee Gray and seconded by Trustee Gill to go into executive session at 6:59 p.m. to discuss potential litigation. Motion carried.

REGULAR SESSION – Acting Chairman Mills called the meeting back into regular session at 7:26 p.m.

ADJOURNMENT – Acting Chairman Mills adjourned the meeting at 7:29 p.m.