Crook County School District #1 Board of Trustees – Mar. 19

CALL TO ORDER – The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Crook County School District #1 was held in Hulett, WY, Monday, March 19, 2018, at the hour of 6 p.m. at the Hulett School.

ROLL CALL – The meeting opened with the following present: Chairman Brian Marchant; Trustees Marlene Edwards, Rick Gill, Thayne Gray, Keith Haiar, Dena Mills, Josie Pearson, and Ken Rathbun. No trustees absent. Administrators present – Mark Broderson, Superintendent; Sandra L. Neiman, Director of Special Education; Linda Wolfskill, Hulett Principal; Becky Waters, Moorcroft High School Principal; and Jim O’Connor, Sundance Secondary Principal.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Motion was made by Trustee Mills and seconded by Trustee Gill to approve the minutes of the last regular meeting. Motion carried.

ADOPTION OF AGENDA – Motion was made by Trustee Rathbun and seconded by Trustee Gray to adopt the agenda as presented. Motion carried.

VISITORS – Chairman Marchant used this time to acknowledge and thank Joy Bell Moore, who worked for the school district for 29 years and will retire at the end of this school year; Trustee Mills presented her with an engraved acrylic apple. Chairman Marchant also thanked Toni Neiman, who worked for the school district for 28 years and will retire at the end of this school year; Trustee Neiman presented her with an engraved acrylic apple. Board members and members of the audience stood to applaud and congratulate Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Neiman!

Crook County Sheriff Jeff Hodge addressed board members to offer the services of his department to conduct ALICE (alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate) Training to students and staff. ALICE is a nationally recognized school shooter program. Deputy Sheriff Ed Robinson gave additional details.

Jim Pannell, Hulett ag teacher and FFA sponsor, had FFA students, Mikka Rogers and Emma Jay, present their experiment to determine the rate of gain in feeder pigs, as well as the cost per pound using five different feed rations. The students are currently setting 2nd in the FFA competition. They also answered questions from board members.

Jim Pannell also spoke about this summer’s FFA trip to Oklahoma; he and his wife are chaperones. The itinerary includes tours of various sites so students can see ag production outside of Crook County. Jim said donated funds will cover travel costs. His intent tonight is to inform board members of the trip and request their best wishes!

JB King, Moorcroft HS parent, and his daughter, Savannah King, spoke in support of the new teachers at MHS. They feel the teachers are doing an excellent job in preparing MHS students for post-secondary education.

FINANCIAL – Motion was made by Trustee Mills and seconded by Trustee Rathbun to approve the financial reports as submitted. Motion carried.

BOCES – Trustee Pearson gave a report of the last BOCES meeting and encouraged board members to view the updated BOCES website.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS – Sandra Neiman, Director of Special Education, informed board members that results from the state Special Olympics games will be reported at a future board meeting. She also stated her complete support of Julie Cudmore, the BOCES Director. Mrs. Neiman said the school district cooperates and coordinates with many BOCES programs; Trustee Pearson expressed appreciation for this and thanked Mrs. Neiman! Mrs. Neiman also informed board members she had received notification of 100% compliance after a state audit.

PRINCIPALS – Linda Wolfskill, Hulett School Principal, spoke about academic and extra-curricular events at the Hulett School.

SUPERINTENDENT – Mark Broderson, Superintendent, informed board members that:

The legislature has finalized funding for next year; the school district is going to lose some ADM funding; also transportation, grounds keeping, and special education funding has been cut; we won’t know exact figures until the first of April; major maintenance funding was increased .

The $1.9 million dollar state funding for the Moorcroft HS parking lot is moving forward; it is waiting for the governor’s signature.

The content area of computer science will become mandatory, at the secondary level, beginning the 2022-23 school year.

84 individuals are participating in the WSBAIT wellness program.

He has decided to postpone plans to upgrade Moorcroft teacherages due to their condition and the costs associated with such a project.

Sheriff Hodge has spoken to him about the issue of guns in schools.

The leadership team will meet on May 2 at the Golf Course at Devils Tower to work on its future goals.

School district employee blood draws are scheduled April 4-7.

Interviews to fill school district job openings are moving forward.

He would like to meet with the salary committee before next month’s board meeting on April 16.

A correction needs to be made to the 2018-19 calendar adopted last month because school will be held on President’s Day for the first time.

EXECUTIVE SESSION – Motion was made by Trustee Pearson and seconded by Trustee Haiar to go into executive session at 6:54 p.m. to discuss personnel. A short recess was held and the executive session began at 7:02 p.m. Motion carried.

REGULAR SESSION – Chairman Marchant called the regular meeting back into session at 7:51 p.m.

CONSENT AGENDA – Chairman Marchant asked if any board member would like any item removed from the Consent Agenda.

Motion was made by Trustee Pearson and seconded by Trustee Gray to approve the Consent Agenda.

To approve the bill listing and to issue warrants in payment thereof.

To approve Sundance EWC non-credit instructors: 1. Todd Hickman – Essential Oil Shelf.

To approve district-wide driver’s instructors for summer, 2018: 1. Lisa Dutton, 2. Randi Faeth.

To approve hiring: 1. Emily Bryant – Moorcroft High School Part-time Custodian.

To approve 2017-18 home school requests: 1. Mike and Tera Ellis. 2. Darby and Laura Whisler.

To approval resignations from: 1. Paul Kinstetter – Moorcroft K8 Lunch Aide, 2. Marissa Isaacson – Moorcroft K8 Special Education Para, 3. Marcus Millard – Moorcroft K8 Part-time Custodian,

To approve special education stipends for: Kate Meints, Marie Cartwright, Katherine Ribstein, Justin Gonzales, Courtney Krul, Joy Bell Moore.

To approve the special education related service contract with Northeast Wyoming BOCES for the remainder of the 2018-19 school year.

Motion carried.

HIRING – As recommended by the superintendent and building principal, motion was made by Trustee Gill and seconded by Trustee Mills to hire the following certified individuals for the 2018-19 school year: HULETT SCHOOL – Anna Backen, Derrick Backen, Kylie Bears, Lacy Foskett, Marti Wood, Orville Hess, Lila Kennah, David Letellier, Beth Marlatt, Rebecca Maupin        , Tom Maupin, James Pannell, Carla Snook, Astrid Teter, Josh Willems, Kenneth Merwin, Keagin Broadway; MOORCROFT K8 – Linda Cote, LaNae Curr, Nate Fulton, Dane Grondin, Janet Kanode, Kortney Lovett, Katherine Ribstein, Kade Myers, Zach Richards, Desiree Albertson, Lori Backen, Sharon Bailey, Maylee Baron-Kanode, Courtney Bartell, TJ Bartell, Amber Burch, Marie Cartwright, Michelle Davis, Gina Dewey, Shawna Fischbach, Jennifer Linn, Shanna Kinnick, Sarah Merchen, Jenna Thomas, Joy Sheehan, Mindi Woolsey, Katherine Williams, Gypsy Petz; MOORCROFT HIGH SCHOOL – Hugh Jenkins, Nathan Towell, Kevin Connors, Kasey Stroud, Bryan Beaulieu, Andrea Wood, Lark Durnell, Debra Harrison, Mary Hunter, Kimberly Jones, Stephen Richter, Lona Tracy, Dustin Petz; SUNDANCE SECONDARY – Julie Cross, Lisa Dutton, Stephanie Grubb

, Todd Hickman, Lance Hofland, Gerri Moore, Tobea Miller-Ayer, Mason Neiman, Sheryl O’Connor, Nick Olson, Mary Jayne Jordan, Alice Willey, Ward Johnston, Amy Soriano, Robert Scott Gillis; DISTRICT-WIDE SPECIAL EDUCATION – Kassie Clements, Coleen Letellier, Alyson Nelson, Lisa Richter, Julie Stephany, Kim Eymer, Angela Olson, James Benvenga, Kate Meints, Susan Wilson, Kameryn Towell, Beth Masten, Tiffany Johnson, Lydia Guthmiller. Motion carried.

Chairman Marchant declared a conflict of interest, turned the meeting over to Vice-Chairman Gill, left the room, and abstained from discussion or vote.

As recommended by the superintendent and building principal, motion was made by Trustee Rathbun and seconded by Trustee Haiar to hire the following certified individuals for the 2018-19 school year: SUNDANCE ELEMENTARY – Kathy Bjornestad, Angela Butts, Colleen Courtney, Karen Disney, Calvin Dobesh, Bailey Fremont, Mariah Haas, Lindsay Hansen, Tina Inghram, Maria Kemp, Susan Kostenbauer, Todd Klopp, Abbie Love, Jerlyn Marchant, Tammy Needham, Marcie Williamson, Trevor Olson, Kelsey Ludemann. Motion carried.

Chairman Marchant returned to the meeting and resumed his duties.

NEW TRUSTEE – Motion was made by Trustee Gray and seconded by Trustee Rathbun to accept the recommendation of the selection committee (Brian Marchant, Rick Gill, and Thayne Gray) to appoint Chase Williams to fill the unexpired term of Moorcroft Trustee Don Clonch, which terms runs through November of 2018. Members of the Moorcroft area who wish to run for this position must file to be on the ballot through the Crook County Clerk’s office beginning in August. Seven individuals submitted letters of interest for the position. Motion carried.

OATH OF OFFICE – Trustee Rathbun administered the Oath of Office to Chase Williams. Trustee Williams was invited to join the rest of the board members at their table.

APPRAISAL – As recommended by the superintendent, motion was made by Trustee Gill and seconded by Trustee Haiar to obtain an appraisal of the Bear Lodge High School building and move forward with its sale after July 1, 2018. Motion carried.

PROPERTY – Motion was made by Trustee Pearson and seconded by Trustee Haiar to allow Tom Necklason, as CCSD#1 representative, to pursue the possibility of the school district purchasing property adjacent to the Moorcroft bus barn, in accordance with the appraised value of the property and its buildings. Motion carried.

HARPER SCHOLARSHIP – As recommended by the superintendent, motion was made by Trustee Mills and seconded by Trustee Rathbun to establish the Sundance High School Harper Memorial Scholarship beginning in 2018. The trust fund scholarship requires the recipient to be a graduate of Sundance High School. The scholarship selection committee will consist of the two Sundance area board trustees, the SHS principal, the SHS guidance counselor, the superintendent, and the business manager. The selection committee individuals will change only to reflect a different person filling a specific position. It is anticipated that funds for the scholarship will last 20+ years. Motion carried.

RECOGNITION – Crook County School Board members want to recognize the following for their performance or accomplishments: Sundance girls’ basketball team for winning state! Hulett girls’ basketball team for its 6th place finish! Hulett boys’ basketball team for qualifying for state! Moorcroft wrestling team for winning state for the sixth consecutive year! Sundance and Hulett wrestlers who qualified for state! Lauren Haiar for winning the state Poetry Out Loud for the second consecutive year! Special Olympics medal winners and participants! Jim Pannell for his efforts in obtaining a new pickup and trailer for the FFA students! Thank you, Don Clonch, for serving as a CCSD#1 board trustee! Thank you to the seven applicants who expressed interest in filling the trustee position vacated by Don Clonch.

DISCUSSION – Trustee Pearson spoke about:

An article she read about installing security bars below classroom doors in the event of a school shooter; discussion was held about costs and whether it would correspond with ALICE training.

Possible changes to Policy BBFA and Governance Policy 1.5; revisions will be brought to the April board meeting.

Trustee Rathbun:

Encouraged board members and members of the audience to go to the WY Department of Education website and give input on the three content areas being revised. Public input is required before changes can be made.

Spoke about the WY Board of Education adding a computer science content area, which will go into effect the 2023 school year.

Said the four-day alternative calendar request by the district is scheduled for approval this Thursday.

Encouraged principals to have middle school and high school students enter the West Point bridge design computer-based contest in which students design a bridge over a highway. The contest addresses all four areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math).

ADJOURNMENT – Motion was made by Trustee Williams and seconded by Trustee Mills to adjourn the meeting at 8:21 p.m. Motion carried.