Crook County School District #1 Board of Trustees – Aug. 15

CALL TO ORDER – The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Crook County School District #1 was held in Sundance, WY, Monday, August 15, 2016, at the hour of 6:00 p.m. at central office.

ROLL CALL – The meeting opened with the following present: Chairman Brian Marchant; Trustees Don Clonch, Marlene Edwards, Rick Gill, Keith Haiar, Dena Mills, Josie Pearson, and Ken Rathbun. Trustee absent – Thayne Gray. Administrators present – Mark Broderson, Superintendent; Teresa Brown, Director of Curriculum; Sandra L. Neiman, Director of Special Education; Linda Wolfskill, Hulett School Principal; Jason Moss, Moorcroft K8 Principal; Brian Brandon, Moorcroft K8 Assistant Principal; Becky Waters, Moorcroft High School Principal; Jim O’Connor, Sundance Secondary Principal; and Darlene Hartman-Hallam, Bear Lodge High School Principal.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Motion was made by Trustee Gill and seconded by Trustee Haiar to approve the minutes of the last regular meeting. Motion carried.

ADOPTION OF AGENDA – Motion was made by Trustee Mills and seconded by Trustee Clonch to adopt the agenda. Motion carried.

VISITORS – Troy Decker, Planning Supervisor for the Wyoming School Facilities Commission, spoke to the board about options for a new central office. Kathy Lenz, Sundance City Clerk, spoke about the possibility of a partnership between the city and school district to demolish the present central office building. Mr. Decker suggested the school board give Mr. Broderson direction tonight on what action it will request at the Wednesday, August 17, SFD meeting in Gillette.

FINANCIAL – Motion was made by Trustee Haiar and seconded by Trustee Gill to approve the financial reports as submitted. Motion carried.

CONSTRUCTION – No report from Tom Necklason, who was at the Sundance Elementary open house.

BOCES – No report.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS – Teresa Brown, Director of Curriculum, spoke about today’s teacher in-services.

PRINCIPALS – No reports.

SUPERINTENDENT – Mark Broderson, Superintendent, informed board members:

  • About progress at the Sundance athletic complex/football field; it was found the water line is deeper than expected, so there is an extra cost of $26,000; Mr. Broderson said the school district will pay for it and the City of Sundance will pay for the $16,000 for a linear upgrade to 8”.
  • Sundance Elementary staff and students are excited to move into the new building!
  • Please thank all custodians for the phenomenal job they did this summer!! They cleaned their own buildings and also helped move from the old Sundance Elementary to the new.
  • Brian Hartwig, Sundance Elementary Principal, is requesting an additional half-time custodian position for the new building.
  • The concrete pad at Moorcroft High School has been poured for the bleachers at the football field.
  • The new teacher in-services were August 11 and 12; he feels very positive about the new hires and enjoyed the day he spent with them last Friday.
  • Today was the first day back to school for certified staff members and the first day for secondary sports practices.
  • He will attend the SFD meeting in Gillette on Wednesday where he will request demolition money for the current central office and remodeling money for the old Sundance Elementary building.

CONSENT AGENDA – Chairman Marchant asked if any board member would like an item removed from the Consent Agenda.

Trustee Rathbun asked to remove Items E1, G5, 6, 7, 11, 12, and 13 for discussion.

Motion was made by Trustee Mills and seconded by Trustee Rathbun to approve the remaining items on the Consent Agenda, minus E1, G5, 6, 7, 11, 12 and 13.

To approve the bill listing and to issue warrants in payment thereof.

To appoint secondary principals as official WHSAA representatives for the 2016-17 WHSAA Membership Resolution.

To approve the 2016-17 tuition agreement with Belle Fourche School District #9-1.

To approve resignations: 1. Jennifer Jolley – Hulett Head Cook; 2. Dustin Petz – Moorcroft HS Head Football Coach; 3. Shelly Westover – Hulett JH Volleyball and JH Girls’ Basketball Coach

To approve hiring for 2016-17: 1. ITEM REMOVED; 2. Tim Cuthrell – Moorcroft Bus Route Driver; 3. Betty Grinsell – Bear Lodge High School Part-time Custodian; 4. Julie Bauman – Hulett Head Cook

To approve stipends for staff members who attended the WY Department of Education WAVE Training in Cheyenne the week of August 1, 2016: Lydia Guthmiller, Beth Masten, Lisa Richter, Steven Richter, Julie Stephany, Susan Wilson, Joy Bell Moore

To approve Perkins stipends for the 2016-17 school year: Ken Merwin, Darcy Sams, Stephanie Grubb

To approve 2016-17 extra-duty contracts for: 1. Kassie Clements – Fall and Winter/Spring Special Olympics Instructor; 2. Dustin Petz – ROPES Course Instructor; 3. Abbie Love – Sundance Elementary Science Instructional Facilitator; 4. Joy Sheehan – Moorcroft HS Volleyball Assistant Coach (moved from JH); 5. ITEM REMOVED; 6. ITEM REMOVED; 7. ITEM REMOVED; 8. Melissa Gill – Sundance JH Girls’ Basketball Coach; 9. Orville Hess – Hulett Cross Country Track Coach; 10. Randi Faeth – Moorcroft HS Head Football Coach; 11. ITEM REMOVED; 12. ITEM REMOVED; 13. ITEM REMOVED

Approval of 2016-17 teacher mentors/principal mentor: Jim Pannell, Ward Johnson, Gina Dewey, Maylee Baron-Kanode, Debbie DeWitt, Amber Burch, Lisa Dutton, Mason Neiman, Darcy Sams, Lark Durnell, Lisa Richter, Brian Hartwig

Approval of 2016-17 Requests to Home School: 1. Bryan and Jessica Riley, 2. John and Melissa Burns, 3. Jason and Cindy Kipp, 4. Carlisle and Heather Haskell, 5. Gary Braun and DezerRey McCoy

Approval of 2016-17 Requests for Isolation: 1. Lonny and Cassie Bossman, 2. Justin and Charlee Kuhbacher, 3. Shaun and Sherri Moeller

Motion carried.

Motion was made by Trustee Rathbun and seconded by Trustee Mills to approve hiring the following individuals, conditional upon all certification and paperwork being successfully completed: 1. Merle Lossing – Substitute/Activity Bus Driver; 2. Shelby Ryno – Moorcroft HS Volleyball Assistant Coach; 3. LaNae Graham – Moorcroft JH Volleyball Coach; 4. Sabrina Mitchell – Sundance JH Volleyball Coach; 5. Cory Allison – Moorcroft HS Assistant Football Coach; 6. Toby Semlek – Moorcroft HS Assistant Football Coach; 7. Kevin Allison – Moorcroft JH Assistant Football Coach

Motion carried.

VEHICLE LEASES – As recommended by the superintendent, motion was made by Trustee Clonch and seconded by Trustee Haiar to approve the 2016-17 vehicle lease with Sundance State Bank. Attorney Hughes informed board members the motion should including approval of the resolution. Motion failed. Motion was made by Trustee Haiar and seconded by Trustee Rathbun to approve the resolution authorizing CCSD#1 to lease, with an option to purchase, one (1) 78-passenger 2017 Blue Bird bus and two (2) 30-passenger 2017 Blue Bird busses from Sundance State Bank. Motion carried.

BUS ROUTES – As recommended by the superintendent, motion was made by Trustee Gill and seconded by Trustee Clonch to approve the 2016-17 bus routes as presented. The transportation coordinators, Deb Bush, Cheryl Studie, and Deb Davis, and district-wide bus mechanic, Robert Wagner, were in attendance and answered questions from board members. Their planning and coordination helped reduce the length of time for students on several bus routes. Trustee Mills thanked them for their efforts, which also resulted in cutting transportation costs for the district, and asked that they be recognized for their efforts. Motion carried.

POLICIES – As recommended by the superintendent, motion was made by Trustee Clonch and seconded by Trustee Gill to approve second reading of Policy EHAAB – Password Management Policy. Motion carried. A copy of the policy is attached and becomes a part of these minutes.

RECOGNITION – Board members thanked Jan and Denise for supper.

DISCUSSION – Discussion was held about moving central office, demolition of the current central office building, and remodel of the old Sundance Elementary.

ACTION – Motion was made by Trustee Haiar and seconded by Trustee Mills to relocate the district’s central office to the vacant Sundance Elementary School, with the option to remodel the existing building for additional purposes to include, but are not limited to, consolidation of district facilities such as central office, Bear Lodge High School, special education skills center, EWC community education office, bulk supply warehouse storage, and support facilities for the new Sundance athletic complex/football field; early childhood education and/or daycare; and city and community functions. Motion carried.

Motion was made by Trustee Gill and seconded by Trustee Clonch to seek funds for demolition of the existing central office building, upon its vacancy. Motion carried.

RECESS – Motion was made by Trustee Haiar and seconded by Trustee Edwards to take a recess at 7:34 p.m. Motion carried.

REGULAR SESSION – Chairman Marchant called the meeting back into order at 7:45 p.m.

EXECUTIVE SESSION – Motion was made by Trustee Rathbun and seconded by Trustee Clonch to go into executive session at 7:46 p.m. to discuss personnel and possible litigation.

ADJOURNMENT – Chairman Marchant called the meeting back into order at 8:18 p.m. and adjourned the meeting at 8:19 p.m.