Crook County Promotion Board – Sept. 12

Attending: Kendra Meidinger, Andrea Driskill Wood, Joleen Hart—Vice President, Rose Ann Olson—President, Steve Lenz

By Phone: Cynthia Clonch

Guests: Cindy w/Black Hills & Badlands, Jennifer Womack w/Sagebrush Marketing


Meeting was called to order @ 4:45pm by President Rose Ann Olson


Discussion was held at 4:50pm regarding the need to replace Robyn as Secretary/Treasurer.

President Rose Ann pointed out the meeting could not go forward without a Secretary.  She asked for a volunteer to serve in the Secretary position.  Steve volunteered and Joleen nominated Steve to serve as Secretary and moved to cease nominations.  Kendra seconded.  No further discussion, ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.


Joleen moved to approve the Minutes from the June 27, 2016 meeting held in Sundance at the Sundance State Bank.  Kendra seconded.

Discussion was held on minutes being published.  Members voiced pros/cons for detailed minutes versus abbreviated and whether all three Crook County papers have the minutes published.  It was reported that the minutes are submitted to the Crook County Courthouse where the Clerk & Treasurer review and have them published in the three newspapers.  Further conversation included the procedures for announcement of meeting times, location, and the electronic submittal of CCPB meeting minutes to the Cities, Towns, and County.  No further discussion, ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.


Joleen discussed the Treasurer’s report and explained that the CCPB did not get the July, August and September Lodging Tax monthly disbursements from Crook County Treasurer, Mary Kuhl as CCPB no longer had a bonded Treasurer since Robyn no longer held the position and no other CCPB member was bonded either.  It was determined a new Treasurer would need to be selected by the end of the meeting to get the Lodging Tax disbursements back on track.

In the report given by Joleen, the Certified bill was questioned, as CCPB is still getting billed for sending brochures out.  Rose & Joleen agreed the summer brochure distribution schedule should be completed.  Rose volunteered to talk to the Certified rep.  Andrea moved to approve the Treasurer’s report.  Kendra seconded.  No further discussion, ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.



Cindy Millet-Olsen with Black Hills & Badlands Association (BHBL) was on hand to discuss CCPB renewing their annual membership since BHBL fiscal year is Oct 1-Sep 30. Cindy presented a plethora of information/ad opportunities in various printed and online publications offered by BHBL.  After her presentation, Cindy excused herself from meeting.

Discussion was held by CCPB members as to a lack of numbers from BHBL to show how CCPB money is working in the various ad formats to bring in tourists.  Further discussion revolved around online ad formats that did not work according to CCPB expectations.  Joleen moved to approve the renewal of BHBL membership, a full page ad in the SD Vacation Guide, and a Regional Brochure slot for a total of $4,948.  Kendra seconded.  ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.


Jennifer Womack with Sagebrush Marketing was on hand to discuss the full and half page ad layouts she had designed for CCPB to use in the Wyoming Travelers Journal.  She had electronically submitted the proofs to the members for review/changes during the past months between meetings.  Several ad size and component/style options were reviewed and changes recommended by the board.  Jennifer will make the CCPB recommended changes to each ad.

Additionally Jennifer spent some time during the meeting to train the CCPB on FACEBOOK video techniques for iPhones.  She discussed and then showed different methods/tools to achieve optimal results.


Andrea shared info on her upcoming annual Balloon Festival at the Devils Tower KOA.  She invited the board to be sponsors and/or participants in the festival.


Andrea discussed the Devils Tower GPS Tour/Mobile App and that it had launched September 12th.  She reported walking the trail numerous times and working with the company to refine the program, fix logistical errors, work through operation glitches, discounts for future GPS stories, tracking effectiveness with analytics and adding QR Codes next year.  Further discussion was held to change the name to Devils Tower Country in all publications and purchase a FACEBOOK ad.  Joleen moved to authorize a $100 FACEBOOK ad, Andrea seconded.  ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.


Cynthia reported the sign issue/application for a Pine Haven Chamber billboard west of Moorcroft was all taken care of.  An invoice was needed to be submitted to CCPB before action could be taken as the grant app arrived w/o an invoice.  The Pine Haven Chamber invoice and CCPB grant request was for $2,500.  Discussion was held on how the CCPB tradition has been to not award in excess of $1K for sign grant requests.  Andrea moved to authorize $1,000 for the Pine Haven Chamber billboard.  Joleen seconded.  Further discussion was held as Cynthia lobbied for additional funding for Pine Haven.  President Rose Ann Olson called the question.  The vote was 4 in favor and Cynthia was opposed.  MOTION CARRIED.


Steve reported on the City of Sundance’s position to not sign into the new Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) presented by CCPB to all the Cities, Towns & County earlier this year.  Discussion was held regarding possible options should the new JPA not be signed by Sundance, Steve said he would visit again with the Mayor and Council.  NO ACTION WAS TAKEN.


Discussion was held at 6:30pm regarding the need to choose a Treasurer.  According to the CCPB Bylaws, the Treasurer position must be held by a member of the Board.  Hiring a CPA to assist in the bookkeeping was discussed and Doug Tracy of Sundance was chosen.  Joleen nominated Kendra for the position of Treasurer and moved for nominations to cease.  Andrea seconded.  No further discussion, ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.



Joleen reported that the Crook County Museum District (CCMD) was underfunded and unable to continue to lease the I90/Beulah billboard at the Wyoming state line.  CCMD offered it to CCPB so as to keep a Crook County message; instead of letting the billboard be leased by other Wyoming communities.  Discussion was held whether CCPB could afford the sign, but CCPB had just re-leased a SD billboard and funds were not in the budget for another billboard.  Andrea moved to let the Beulah billboard be offered up for lease by one of the Crook County Chamber of Commerces.  Joleen seconded. ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.


Discussion was held regarding old CCPB papers, flyers, correspondence that had been stored and kept for years.  Andrea offered to scan the paperwork—over the winter months—and to discard after doing so, since an electronic record would now be in place.  The board agreed this would be a good idea.

Discussion took place on creating a Crook County sign data base.  CCPB would keep on file pictures of who owns what signs and what each look like, if CCPB was a partial sponsor to the municipalities and the particulars of each.  Steve moved to table this discussion until the next meeting.  Joleen seconded.  ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.


The next meeting of the Crook County Promotion Board is scheduled for November 7th in Moorcroft at the Texas Trails Museum.


President Rose Ann Olson adjourned the meeting at 6:52pm


Minutes submitted this 7th day of November by ________________________

Steve Lenz, Secretary


Approved this______day of___________by_________________________

Rose Ann Olson, President