Crook County Promotion Board – Nov. 7

November 7, 2016


Crook County Promotion Board Minutes


Attending: Rose Ann Olson—President, Kendra Meidinger—Treasurer, Steve Lenz—Secretary and Cynthia Clonch

Absent: Joleen Hart—Vice President, Andrea Driskoll Wood

Guests: Grace Moore  w/Moorcroft Leader


Meeting was called to order by President Rose Ann Olson at 4:42 pm.


Agenda was presented by Rose Ann and Board member packets were distributed by Steve.


Minutes of the September 12th meeting held in Hulett were presented for final review and approval.  Cynthia moved to approve the minutes as presented, Kendra seconded.   ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.


Kendra discussed the Treasurer’s Report.  $14,734.09 is the bank balance.  Seven months of Lodging Tax distribution (May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov) have not been paid by the Crook County Treasurer’s office.  April was the last month a Lodging Tax distribution was paid due to the Promotion Board not having a bonded Treasurer.  New Treasurer Kendra talked to CC Treasurer Mary Kuhl and was informed a distribution would be soon forthcoming.  Steve presented a State of Wyoming Lodging Tax report showing that Crook County had collected $88,848 in 2% Lodging Taxes to date (of the report) in 2016.


Discussion was held on numerous topics regarding: whether the new bookkeeper was using QuickBooks, did the Promo Board have a traveling laptop, location where the Promo Board Treasurer’s records were stored, if Andrea was scanning all the records or just the financials, who was responsible to pick up the mail and that the Devils Tower Country (CCPromo Board) website had the wrong box number and community listed for return correspondence.  Steve moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report.  Cynthia seconded.  ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.


Steve discussed areas of concern for the Crook County Promotion Board website, which is accessed through www.Devils Tower  Members discussed that not all of the links worked correctly every time, the mailing address incorrectly instructed correspondence to a post office box in Hulett—instead of where the mail is picked up in Sundance at PO Box 708, the Sundance Board Member listed was still Robyn Finch who finished her term in June, how the communities map needed a drop down listing for each town and how the downloadable brochure’s map did not show Hwy 14 from Sundance to Devils Tower;  nor the Pine Ridge road from I90 to Keyhole and the connecting Hwy 113 from Pine Ridge Road on the east side of Keyhole to Pine Haven.


Kendra also brought to the Board’s attention to the fact that the 350,000 CC Promo Board brochures that were printed in a 2yr distribution amount did not have the Hwy 14 route from Sundance to Devils Tower shown—nor the Pine Ridge road from I90 to Keyhole and the connecting Hwy 113 from Pine Ridge Road on the east side of Keyhole to Pine Haven.


Members agreed that further discussion would need to be held at the next Promotion Board meeting in hopes that all members would be present to make a decision regarding the options on fixing the brochures; 1) possible reprinting or 2) alternative solutions to the omission of Crook County roads on the map.


The Travel Story GPS app was discussed regarding whether signage is in place to notify Devils Tower visitors to download and use the app.  Members did not know if it was and decided to ask Jennifer and Andrea for the particulars.  The topic was raised whether a QR Code had been designed for use in Travel Story and other advertisements.  Steve asked about the effectiveness of QR Codes, citing several conversations with tech/computer industry individuals who said QR Codes have basically “came and went” already being replaced by simpler, faster methods of click through advertising technology.


Discussion was held regarding the letter Steve presented from the Mayor of Sundance regarding the issue of the City of Sundance not signing the Amended Joint Powers Agreement.  Mayor Brooks’ letter cited several reasons why Sundance would not sign into the Amended Joint Powers Agreement that was introduced earlier in the year by the Promotion Board who had wanted to make changes to the original 1989 Joint Powers Agreement.  Rose Ann and Cynthia reported that Andrea and Crook County Attorney Joe Baron were the primary individuals who worked together to draft the Amended Joint Powers Agreement that was then taken to each of the governing entities for signatures.  Discussion continued regarding what actions needed to be taken to reach an agreement that all the governing entities would sign.  Kendra moved to have the Amended Joint Powers Agreement rewritten to change the language to “Unanimous” versus “Majority”.  Steve seconded.   ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.


The Board will ask Andrea to get a revised Amended Joint Powers Agreement drafted that would contain the agreed upon wordage.  Promotion Board members would then take the amendment to the December meeting of each City, Town, or County that they represent;  Rose Ann—Hulett, Steve—Sundance, Kendra—Pine Haven, Andrea/Joleen—Crook County.  Each member agreed to contact the Clerks of each respective governing entity for placement on their meeting agendas.


Action was taken in the June 2016 Promotion Board meeting to give 10% of the Lodging tax collected each month back to the Cities, Towns, and County according to the amount collected at each location.  Cynthia and Andrea agreed to collaborate and compose a letter explaining the change to the governing bodies.  Cynthia reported the letter was not yet complete, but that they would bring one to the next board meeting.


Steve reported the governing entities had expressed in a recent NEWY meeting that they would like to be better informed about Promotion Board activities.  He will begin to send electronic meeting minutes to each of the Cities, Towns and County as well as the Crook County newspapers.


The Sundance Area Chamber of Commerce had submitted a grant application for Crook County Promotion Board consideration requesting $1,000 funding for an I90 billboard message near Beulah, Wyoming.  Discussion was held regarding grant applications, Board finances, funds available to grant, a previous similar grant awarded to Pine Haven, and how Sundance had raised over $5K in private donations to be used toward the billboard.  Cynthia moved to give $1K to the Sundance Area Chamber of Commerce for the Beulah Billboard grant application.  Kendra seconded.  ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.


The next meeting of the Crook County Promotion Board will be held Monday, January 9th @4:30pm at City Hall in Pine Haven.


President Rose Ann adjourned the meeting at 6:10pm





Minutes presented by___________________this____day of_________, 201_.

Steve Lenz, Secretary





Approved by_______________________this_______day of _________, 201_.

Rose Ann Olson, President