Crook County Promotion Board – March 12

Crook County Promotion Board

March 12, 2018


ATTENDING: Bob Olson, Steve Lenz, Andrea Wood, Cynthia Clonch

ABSENT: Joleen Hart, Kendra Meidinger, Rose Olson


President Andrea Wood called the meeting to order at 4:35pm.


January meeting minutes were presented for review and approval.  Secretary Steve Lenz reminded the Board that they had received an electronic version of the January minutes several months ago.  After no additions or corrections, Bob moved to approve the minutes as presented, Cynthia seconded, ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.


The treasurer’s report was presented by Steve.  Treasurer Kendra Meidinger was not in attendance but had emailed her report to the Board.  The board reviewed the report and Steve moved to approve the treasurer’s report as presented, Bob seconded, ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.


Jen Womack with Sagebrush Marketing had emailed Andrea a report regarding her attendance at the 2018 WY Governor’s Tourism Conference.  Andrea also shared with the Board that the Wyoming Office of Tourism (WOT) has purchased flags with #FlyYourWY message.  She asked the members to send a list of businesses in their communities that could distribute the free flags to visitors. Andrea also mentioned there was a request from Britney Butler with WOT to provide content of Crook County festivals/activities to be held between the months of Apr-Jul for a publication called Real America.  Members agreed they would email their events.


Andrea gave Steve the original Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) copies that each Crook County governing entity had signed in support of the amended JPA agreement.  Steve will file the original signed copies at the Crook County Clerk’s office and then write a letter to be included with each JPA copy that will be certified and sent to the cities and towns to keep in their records.  Cynthia moved to approve that action, Bob seconded, ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.  Additionally, Steve will put a public notice in the Sundance Times to give 30 days notice that amended Crook County bylaws are ready for public comment with the ad to say the following:


The Crook County Promotion Board is inviting public comment on proposed revisions to its operational bylaws.  Copies of the revised bylaws are available at the Crook County Clerk’s office.  Public comments are to be mailed to: Crook County Promotion Board, PO Box 708, Sundance, Wyoming 82729.  Public comment period will end on May 5, 2018.  Any comments received after that date will not be considered.


The board discussed the required public notice on actions or proposed changes by the CC Promotion Board. Cynthia moved to talk with Crook County Attorney Joe Baron regarding the required legal advertising schedule and frequency, policy and procedure change requirements, Bob seconded, ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.


Discussion was held regarding a 4% Lodging Tax to be placed on the ballot for the midterm elections; as the tax is due for renewal.  It was agreed that the board members would get appointments and attend the next meetings of their Cities, Towns and the County to talk about the lodging tax initiative, have question and answer sessions, and get letters of support.  According to Crook County Clerk, Linda Fritz, she is requesting the paperwork to be filled out for the lodging tax to be placed on the ballot and submitted to the Crook County Commissioners before their June meeting.  Bob moved to support the 4% Lodging Tax initiative on the ballot, Steve seconded, ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.  The board decided a work session was needed to work on the Lodging Tax initiative and picked April 10th in Moorcroft.


Since the board meeting was short three members, Cynthia moved to table the four grant requests until the April meeting, Bob seconded, ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.  The grants to be considered are from the Hulett Chamber, UFO festival, Vore Buffalo Jump Site, and the Texas Trail’s Car Club.


Steve had presented a $57 bill for him personally renewing the yearly postal/mailbox fees for the CC Promo Board (PO BOX 708) at the Sundance Post Office.  Cynthia moved to authorize a check to cover the payment, Bob seconded, Steve recused himself from the vote, ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.


President Andrea Wood adjourned the meeting at 5:45pm.


Minutes presented this 7th day of May by _Steve Lenz__.

Steve Lenz, secretary



Minutes approved this 7th day of May by__Andrea Wood_.

Andrea Wood, president