Crook County Promotion Board – July 6

July 6, 2015, McAvoy’s Restaurant, Devils Tower Golf Course, Hulett

Attending: President Rose Ann Olson, Vice President Joleen Hart, Robyn Finch,Secretary/Treasurer; members Cynthia Clonch and Andrea Wood, and new member from Pine Haven, Jeanne Peterson. Jennifer Womack, Sagebrush Marketing was also present.

Guests: Jim Wilkerson, Miles Marketing Group for the Wyoming Traveler’s Journal. President Rose Olson called the meeting to order at noon. The agenda, minutes and treasurer’s report were all accepted as presented. Jim Wilkerson presented the proposals for advertising in the Wyoming Traveler’s Journal for 2016. Discussion centered around different promotions being used by other areas of Wyoming. During this discussion, one of the ways suggested was that we promote the solitude and quiet serenity that Crook County offers, especially since we do not have a lot of major activities in the county. Motion was made and approved to continue with the same program we used last year, including the leads program.

OLD BUSINESS: Jennifer is doing some groundwork on our new brochures as well as re-designing the website which will include grant applications, and will tie into our brochure with themes and color.

Andrea has been in touch with Story on getting started on our GPS tour. Robyn attended the County Commissioners’ meeting when the name change was discussed. The Commissioners were going to have us help with getting the questionnaire out to local motels, hotels, and lodging entities, but they felt that they got great coverage with their own distribution methods. They will be reviewing the returns during August and submitting their report in September to the state agencies. The Board members have decided to make changes to the Joint Powers Agreement, especially the sections about where and how Board members can be appointed. We need 45 days after we agree in order to complete the process, including advertising in the newspapers and having public meetings.

NEW BUSINESS: Grant applications were reviewed and funds approved for those applications meeting our guideline criteria.

The next meeting of the Crook County Promotion Board will be held on Monday, September 21 at the West Texas Trail Museum in Moorcroft at 4 p.m. This date is later than our normal meeting date because of the Labor Day weekend. Meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Robyn Finch