Crook County Promotion Board – January 8


ATTENDING: Rose and Bob Olson, Steve Lenz, Joleen Hart, Kendra Meidinger, Andrea Wood, Cynthia Clonch.

GUESTS: Jennifer Womack, Dan Fairbanks.

The meeting was called to order at 4:40 p.m. by President Andrea Wood.

President Wood asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Kendra moved, Joleen seconded to approve the agenda as presented. All in favor, motion carried.

Minutes were presented by Secretary Steve Lenz. Joleen moved, Kendra seconded to approve the minutes as presented. All in favor, motion carried.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Treasurer, Kendra Meidinger. She reported the Promotion Board account balance to be $60,968.77. Kendra informed the Board that $36,974.41 in Lodging Tax distributions had been received after being held by the Crook County Treasurer. The funds were held due to Kendra not having her bond notarized and the fact that she did not know a notary was required. Future distributions will be timely coming to the Board. It was further reported that the Lodging Tax collections were up 14% in 2017 over 2016.

Jennifer Womack was in attendance and reported on the Devils Tower Country social media campaign and the website upgrade. Jennifer informed the Board that Devils Tower was one of the Top 5 Blogs and Itineraries for Black Hills & Badlands in 2017. She indicated that a video was forthcoming from Miles/Weaver to fulfill the contract signed by the Board for the 2018 tourist season. Jennifer said the website upgrade was a priority and would be forthcoming soon.

Dan Fairbanks reported that the Sundance Chamber of Commerce had decided not to purchase an ad in the Yellowstone Travel Guide due to the cost, the deadline and the lack of other communities participating to offset the expense. The Board agreed future joint projects were a priority to pursue on a county-wide level.

President Wood shared that the revised Joint Powers Agreement was at the Attorney General’s office awaiting approval, but a letter from the Asst. Attorney General had been received. In the letter, the AG’s office pointed out some language changes, punctuation and minor corrections. Steve moved to 1) add the paragraph language found in WY SS 16-1-106; 2) Fix the typos and send a copy to the County entities; 3) Return the corrected JPA to the AG and Joe Baron. Joleen seconded, all in favor, motion carried.

The contract with Jay Dee Hacklin was approved for the 2018 year to continue with the $200 agreement for a Crook County Promotion Board billboard to remain on the Hacklin land.

Discussion was held on the December 21 work session on the bylaws, rules and regulations, the grant process, and the designation of the official depository and official newspaper. Joleen moved and Bob seconded a motion to approve the Sundance State Bank as the official depository and the Sundance Times as the official newspaper. All in favor, motion carried.

Steve agreed to write the newspaper notice and to include the information where citizens can access the Promotion Board minutes, by-laws and Board information.

Visitor’s guides were discussed. No action was taken.

Steve brought information to the Board regarding how to proceed with increasing the lodging tax collected in the County. He informed that only one lodging tax can be in effect at any time and that a County Lodging Tax preempts a Municipal Lodging Tax – even if both were on a ballot and both passed. Steve shared with the Board that Sundance would be interested in supporting a 4% Crook County Lodging Tax initiative if the additional 2% collected was distributed to the entities that garnered it. The first 2% Lodging Tax collected would be used in its entirety by the Crook County Promotion Board and would require a slight change of wordage to the Revised JPA. Due to Joleen needing to leave, the Board tabled discussion to finish the Board’s agenda business.

Election of board officers was discussed. Bob moved and Cynthia seconded to keep the existing Board officers until the June meeting and the end of the fiscal 2017/18 year. All in favor, motion carried.

Grant applications were discussed with two received; 1) Moorcroft Chamber of Commerce for an I90 billboard and, 2) Moorcroft Development Group for a Hwy 14 billboard. Kendra moved and Steve seconded to give $500 to the Moorcroft Chamber for the I90 billboard. All in favor, motion carried. Kendra moved and Steve seconded to deny the Development Group application due to prior funding and evidence of a lack of progress. All in favor motion carried.

The Board asked Steve to write a form letter that can be used to notify successful and unsuccessful grant applicants.

Further discussion was held on action steps to investigate a 4% Lodging Tax initiative and how to proceed with the process. After discussion, Cynthia moved, Kendra (?) seconded to have Steve do further research with County Attorney Joe Baron to review Converse County’s agreement and County Clerk Linda Fritz to find the ballot initiative deadlines, promoting restrictions, and Precinct voting records. All in favor, motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:55pm.

Minutes prepared by Steve Lenz, Secretary on January 13, 2018

Minutes approved by Andrea Wood, President on March 12, 2018

Submitted by Steve Lenz