Crook County Promotion Board – Feb. 7

Attending: Rose Ann Olson—President, Kendra Meidinger—Treasurer, Steve Lenz—Secretary and Cynthia Clonch—member, Andrea Driskill Wood—member

Attending by phone: Joleen Hart—Vice President

Guests: Grace Moore, Karla Brandenburg, Mike Smith, Mayor Larry Suchor, Jennifer Womack, Crook County Commissioner Steve Stahla


Meeting was called to order by President Rose Ann Olson at 4:38 pm.


Minutes of the November 7th meeting in Moorcroft were presented.  Andrea moved to accept, the minutes with the exception of a spelling error as noted, Kendra seconded, ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.


The Treasurer’s report was presented showing a Balance on Hand of $81, 891.49.  Treasurer Kendra shared that $59,754.10 was received from the Crook Country Treasurer for Lodging Tax from June 2 through November 3, 2016.  She also related that the new detailed report was a collaborated effort with bookkeeper Doug Tracy.  Andrea moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report, Steve seconded, ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.


The Board discussed and decided Steve should be in charge of collecting the mail that is delivered to a PO Box address in Sundance and that he will disperse correspondence and bills accordingly.




President Rose Ann opened OLD BUSINESS with discussion on new developments regarding the revised Joint Powers Agreement.  She reported that a Friday January 6th discussion that was held with Mayor Brooks, several of the CCPromo Board members and CC Attorney Joe Baron at the Crook County Courthouse Juror room.  Andrea then shared the telephone discussion she initiated with Mayor Brooks on the morning of January 6th; citing that Mayor Brooks wanted the 10% Lodging Tax disbursement guaranteed to the City of Sundance in letter format and the revised JPA document language changed from “majority” to “unanimous”.  Andrea also stated she was told by Mayor Brooks that the City of Sundance was not aware of the 10% Lodging Tax disbursement decision from the June 2016 meeting.  Steve went on the record explaining that numerous discussions were held with Mayor Brooks and several City Council members regarding that specific action taken at the June 2016 CCPromo Board meeting.

Andrea presented a 10% Lodging Tax Disbursement letter that was approved by the Board to be crafted and sent to the governing entities after the June 2016 meeting.  She indicated once this letter was reviewed by the Board for content, it could now be sent to the governing entities along with the final version of the Joint Powers Agreement that was created after the Friday discussion with Mayor Brooks and Joe Baron.  She encouraged the Board to review the letter and make suggested changes before January 16, 2017.  Each Board member agreed to take the revised JPA and the 10% Lodging Tax Disbursement letter to their respective entities for a new vote and signatures.


The new Official Traveler’s Journal (OTJ) from the Wyoming Office of Tourism was presented by President Rose Ann.  Devils Tower is featured on the cover and the Board agreed that would be a great boost for the 2017 tourism season in Crook County.  Jennifer showed and described the CCPromo ads inside the OTJ that she designed featuring Devils Tower and the night sky to attract the Eclipse hunters this summer.  Discussion was held on the web address and Jennifer indicated she was in conversation with Russ @ Creative Web Designs/Network Solutions to get the .com & .net address confusion sorted out.  Jen also planned to send the Board members a tutorial on how to create Facebook events to be placed on the CCPromo website.  She also requested BIOs from the Board members who hadn’t submitted theirs yet.


Mayor Suchor inquired if Pine Haven could have their community events included on the Devils Tower Country website.  The Board agreed this was possible and encouraged the Mayor to do so.  Steve shared that the Sundance Area Chamber of Commerce had representatives attending a Wisconsin Fishing Expo and the Chamber had designed 1,000 copies of a fishing brochure featuring Keyhole to be distributed at the Expo.   Kendra indicated she would be attending a Sports Expo in Minnesota and that she’d take Crook County info if available.


Jennifer reported the Devils Tower GPS tour was finished and launched.  Andrea suggested an official kickoff to the GPS Tour be scheduled to occur during the Historical Society’s annual Old Settlers Picnic at Devils Tower this spring.  More discussion revolved around expanding the Story GPS tours, costs involved, how to incorporate GPS stories for other communities like Pine Haven.  Mayor Suchor offered to approach his Council and Andrea agreed to talk to Story about the process and costs of adding additional tours.  Jennifer suggested creating Free Ads or nominal cost ads to all Crook County Lodging businesses that would be featured on the GPS Story Tour.  The Board asked Jennifer to come up with a price for 11”X17” Devils Tower GPS Tour posters and matching table tents for display at lodging and restaurant businesses.


Discussion was held regarding possible courses of action the Board should take in response to the mistakes inside the two year printing of 350,000 Devils Tower Country brochures (225,000 remain to be distributed) that features a Crook County Map that didn’t include Hwy 14 from Sundance to Devils Tower nor the Pine Ridge Road from I90 into Pine Haven.  Mayor Suchor recommended throwing out the 225,000 brochures and reprinting new ones with the correct information.  Andrea didn’t believe the map was relevant nor was it used by anyone who picked up the brochure to find their way in Crook County.  She suggested the Board distribute the remaining 225,000 brochures and to start the conversation in the next meeting to create a new Devils Tower Country brochure.  President Rose Ann also shared that approximately 200,000 additional outdated CC Promo Board brochures, that predate the current brochure Devils Tower Country is using, were never distributed and remain in storage.   Board members Andrea and Cynthia recommended that Jennifer bring cost estimates for creating a new brochure to the next meeting.


President Rose Ann asked if any of the Board would be attending the Wyoming Governor’s Tourism Conference Jan29-31 in Cheyenne.  Steve indicated he was pre-registered as a representative of the CCPromo Board.  Discussion was held regarding the Promotion Board covering some of the expense of attending the conference.  Cynthia Moved, Andrea seconded for the Board to reimburse the Registration expense for Steve to attend.  ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.  Steve recused himself from the vote due to possible conflict of interest.


Cynthia presented the City of Moorcroft’s application for a Billboard west of city limits on I90.  The application requested $1,344.00.  Discussion was held regarding the number of businesses featured on the billboard.  Steve moved to give $1,000 for the Moorcroft billboard, Andrea seconded, ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.


Rose Ann presented an application request for $2,000 to fund an event; the first annual UFO rendezvous to be held Sept 14, 15, 16 in Hulett.  The application was submitted by the Devils Tower UFO Convention and Festivals Inc.  The Board was encouraged to check out the newly designed website, for event details.  Kendra moved to approve $2,000 be awarded, Andrea seconded, ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.


President Rose Ann began the 2017 election discussion and process by stepping down from the running for President and asked for nominations.  Cynthia moved to nominate Andrea Driskill Wood for the President position, Kendra seconded.  ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.  Andrea moved, Cynthia seconded to nominate Joleen Hart for Vice President, Kendra Meidinger for Treasurer, and Steve Lenz for Secretary.  ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.


Meeting dates and locations were set for 2017.

March 6th                                 Sundance

May 1st                                    Hulett

July 10th                                   Moorcroft

September 11th                        Pine Haven

November 6th                           Sundance


Discussion was held with Mayor Suchor who wanted to talk about lodging taxes and the possibility of adding an additional 2 cents to the ballot at the next election.


President Andrea Driskill Wood adjourned the meeting at 6:24pm.





Minutes presented this13th day of March, 2017 by


Steve Lenz, Secretary


Minutes approved this 13th day of March, 2017 by


Andrea Driskill Wood, President