Crook County Natural Resource District – May 3

Crook County Natural Resource District

May 3, 2017

CALL TO ORDER – The regular board meeting was called to order at 1:48 p.m. by Chairman, Wayne Garman at the Sundance State Bank Room.

ATTENDANCE – Board: Wayne Garman, Lily Altaffer, Ted Parsons and Jennifer Hinkhouse; Employees: Sarah Anderson, Raesha Sell, Carmen Horne-McIntyre (call-in); NRCS: Keela Deaton; Guests: None.

NRCS UPDATE- Keela stated that EQIP applications have been submitted to the state office for review. In the next two months the awards should be obligated. Division 5, made up of Crook & Weston County received a total grazing allocation of $264,000. Crook County earned 76% of the total allocation equaling $201,252 to fund five grazing contracts. Under the state subaccounts the following applications were funded: 1-Forestry $10,975.00; 6- Soil Health $181,831; 3-High Tunnels $24,756; 1-Sage Grouse Initiative $144, 3331; Crook County was awarded a total of 16 contracts equaling $563,145.

On May 15 and 16 NRCS staff will all be attending a training in Casper, WY.


Board Minutes – Lily made a motion to approve the minutes from the April 7, 2017 meeting. Motion seconded. Motion carried.

BOARD MILEAGE – Board of Supervisors reported their mileage traveled for E-Cycling Events, Commissioners’ Meeting etc.


Audit: FY 2016 Audit Bill Remaining equals $2,130.00

Raesha stated that a Request for Bid was submitted to Wyoming Certified CPA’s to receive bids for the 2017 financial CPA Audit.

Ms. Hinkhouse made a motion to formally submit a letter of complaint to the Board of Certified Public Accountants and have CCNRD staff participate in an investigation until it causes the CCNRD financial stress. Voucher: A Motion was made to approve the financial voucher and the corresponding checks. A sealed bank statement was opened and the Bank was reconciled with Quick Books. Mr. Parsons seconded the motion. Motion seconded.

Proposed Budget Review: Ms. Hinkhouse made a motion to approve the proposed budget as presented. Mr. Parsons seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Water Quality update by Carmen and Raesha

BMP Program: Raesha stated that a total of 12 BMP applications have been submitted. Ranking & Notice will be given by May 31.

Sampling: Raesha stated that we plan to begin sampling on May 15, 2017 (Sarah and NRCS staff will assist Raesha). Carmen informed the Board that we are still waiting on an agreement from a landowner to sample on the property. She also stated that the WDA Interim Report was submitted.

Forest Health Update by Sarah Anderson

Ms. Anderson gave a forestry update. She stated that the CCNRD has ranked all of the forestry applications. We will be able to assist all of the 16 applicants to thin their private property. She informed the Board that an RFP was submitted in the paper to find a company to conduct Aerial Flights on forested acres. Sarah informed the Board that we have preliminarily been awarded the CAFA Grant; however, we haven’t received a contract.

Personnel Policy: Ms. Hinkhouse presented amendments to the current personnel policy. Mr. Parsons made a motion to approve the Personnel Policy Leave adjustments as presented. Ms. Altaffer seconded the motion. Motion carried.

PAC Formation: The Board discussed the need to form a Political Action Committee (PAC). The Board tabled making a selection for treasurer.

New Issues to Address –

WOLF’s Voucher for Base Funding was presented. Wayne Garman signed the voucher.

Employee/Board Travel Policy Amendments: Board encouraged Raesha to make the recommended revisions and present at the June meeting.

Thank-you Cards were signed for E-Cycling Sponsors.

Upcoming Events:

Joint Ag Committee Meeting in Hulett, WY May 8 and May 9

Local Working Group Meeting on May 11, 2017 in Newcastle, WY Fairgrounds Event Center 24 Fairgrounds Rd. Newcastle, WY 82701 from 9 a.m. –noon.

Next Board Meeting: June 6, 2017 and June 30, Friday.

ADJOURN – No other business was discussed. A motion was made to adjourn the regular meeting at 5:07 p.m.

Submitted by Raesha Sell, CCNRD Office Manager