Crook County Natural Resource District – June 5

Crook County Natural Resource District (CCNRD)

Board Meeting Minutes from June 5, 2018


Call REgular Meeting to Order

Mr. Parsons called the meeting to order at 12:26 pm at the Sundance USDA Service Center at 117 S. 21st Street Sundance, WY 82729.



Board: Ted Parsons, Lily Altaffer, Jennifer Hinkhouse

Employees: Sarah Anderson, Raesha Sell, & Carmen McIntyre (Call In)

Guests: Jason Nehl, Acting NRCS District Conservationist. Jason informed the Board that RCCP contracts were ranked in Gillette yesterday. There were a total of 50 applications. 27 applications were funded. The projects were split between three counties as follows: Weston-14, Crook- 8, Campbell-5. He also shared that he is continuing to accept applications. EQIP forestry and cover crop applications have been approved. We received an additional $98,000 which was used to fund a $95,000 water project. Keela will be back June 18, 2018. Sarah Rytting, Acting FSA CED informed us that County Committee nominations are starting June 15th. She provided information on elections. Injury to livestock is now an eligible claim. CRP continuous is now open again.


Open Issues to Address

Water Quality Update: by Carmen & Raesha

Carmen informed the Board that we submitted a grant application to WDA for $20,000 to help fund a BMP tour, grazing specialist speaker, and a water development project.

Carmen told the Board that WDEQ awarded us an additional $85,000 creating the need to do a budget amendment for Phase IV Additional BMPs Grant Amendment. Mr. Parsons, signed the additional BMPs grant amendment.

WDEQ Non-point task force meeting: Carmen delivered a recap from the meeting. She said the 319 grant RFP will go out early July. A webinar will be available the middle of July. They are accepting new applications in early September. There will be a webinar to discuss the new RFP. The presentation will occur in October. Raesha shared the last water monitoring agreement: Mr. Parsons signed the agreement in approval of the landowner’s cooperation.  BMP project Applicants: Raesha shared that Chris Campton has been exceptional to work with and that he has most of the projects planned which will be ranked by June 30, 2018.


Local Issues:  

RER: Is still on hold for resuming the Bear Lodge Project.

Coure Mining: No more activity present.

Gillette Madison Working Group: Latest call was last Wednesday. More bond logs will be attempted. They are anticipating contractors to be out June 18th. Bond logs will take place in July.

Hazardous Mitigation Planning: Ground Water contamination came up as hazardous incident. Ms. Hinkhouse informed the Board that the mitigation plans are now becoming regional and Crook County NRD should consider being involved if a meeting comes up to revise a hazard mitigation plan.

ONEOk Meeting: Sarah shared with the Board about the ONEOK meeting.

“We met with OneOk on May 16th to discuss the Elk Creek Pipeline.

The County wants Oneok to contract with them to use magnesium chloride on the county roads. They will start construction in October. They offered to provide the permits to us along with their restoration plan in June. They requested a water quality lab that we would recommend. Energy Labs was recommended. Energy labs suggested that Elk Creek Pipeline should also test for helium and argon. Sarah also said that we requested a sample from the field to use as a control sample. ONEOK said that that a sample wouldn’t give us what we are looking for because natural gas liquids are not refined, and their components wouldn’t remain consistent.


Forestry Update:

We have $43,000 committed towards projects under Wyoming State Forestry #4. Wyoming State Forestry Grant#5 has $220,000 available which will be spent on thinning projects by December 2019. We are still in the process of ground truthing CAFA projects.  Bark Beetle Mitigation money is anticipated to be available for one or possibly two more years. State Forestry said that the Bark Beetle funding can’t be used to address the Emerald Ash Borer if it were to reach Wyoming.




The Board reviewed the minutes from May 1st, 2018 meeting.   Jennifer Hinkhouse made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Ms. Altaffer seconded the motion. Motion carried.


  1. The Board reviewed the financial voucher and the corresponding checks from May 2018. Lily made a motion to pay bills as presented. Ms. Hinkhouse seconded the motion. Motion carried.  
  2. The Board reconciled the bank account with Quick Books. The Board had $42,000 of outstanding checks. The Board signed the reconciliation report in approval.
  • The Board approved the procurement policy as presented but encouraged Raesha to become more familiar with the website where the advertising will take place.
  1. Proposed Budget Information Raesha shared more information regarding the proposed budget. The Board encouraged her to call the Department of Audit to determine the best way to account for the funding that is set aside in our checking account to cash flow projects. She also shared that she budgeted extra for District Operations, Retirement, Workman’s Comp, E-Cycling and Vehicle Replacement.
  2. Lily Altaffer made a motion to advise Raesha Sell to hire Ketel Thorstenson to conduct the 2018 and to document why Ketel Thorstenson was the sole choice to accompany the new procurement policy. Ms. Hinkhouse seconded the motion. Motion carried.

New Issues to Address

Public Records Request Policy. The Board discussed their current public records request policy along with other options. The board decided to consider the existing bill and then revise the policy to reflect new charge amounts.

The Board received Employee Evaluations forms to conduct reviews for Sarah, Carmen and Raesha which will be collated and shared with employees at the June 29th Board meeting. Raesha said that she almost completed the Fair Banks Subdivision Review but will send it to the Board to review via email and to approve at the next meeting.



June 6th County Commissioners Meeting at 1:00 pm

June 6th PAC Meeting 4:00 pm USDA Service Center

June 9th Hulett Parade at Line up at 9:30 am and 10:00 am

June 13th Elk Creek Pipeline Open House 5:00-7:00 pm Court House Basement

June 20th & 21st Commissioners Budget Meetings

June 29th CCNRD Board Meeting at 12:00 pm to close the FY 2018 Financial Books.

July 11th Budget Hearing 12:00 pm

July 14th Jubilee Days Parade

July 24th-July 28th Fair Booths

July 28th Crook County Fair Parade


Other Business:

COC Budget Request: The Board signed a letter requesting that the Crook County Commissioners budget $45,000 for the 2019 fiscal year in case a mill levy is not secured. The Board signed the letter as presented.



Sarah: July 16th-20th

Raesha: July 3-6th, July 12th & 13th



No other business was needed to be discussed. Mr. Parsons adjourned the regular meeting at 3:10 pm.