Crook County Natural Resource District – Feb. 6

CALL REGULAR MEETING TO ORDER – The meeting was called to order at 12:07 p.m. at the Sundance USDA Service Center 117 S. 21st Street Sundance, WY 82729.

ATTENDANCE – Board: Wayne Garman, Ted Parsons, Lily Altaffer, Jennifer Hinkhouse (Call In); Employees: Sarah Anderson, Raesha Sell and Carmen McIntyre (Conference Video); Guests: Keela Deaton, NRCS District Conservationist and Michael Gosse, USFS Bearlodge Ranger District.

GUEST UPDATES – Bearlodge Ranger District Update: Michael Gosse, the new USFS Bearlodge District Ranger introduced himself and provided an update as follows:

Coeur Mining would like to have permit in hand by September to drill six well test sites.

RER has a meeting scheduled with Mr. Gosse on Monday, February 12th, 2018.

Timber Sale: Mr. Gosse informed the Board that they are initiating the first timber sale with the Good Neighbor Authority. It is called the Ribs Timber sale. Mr. Chairman stated that attending the Commissioners Meeting’s is a great opportunity to communicate among partners about what we is being done within the Forest Service.

NRCS Update: Keela Deaton, District Conservationist informed the Board that they received 5 million of Sage Grouse Initiative funding. However, if there is remaining money in that account it will roll into the general account. NRCS received $250,000 between two counties last year while this year, Keela Deaton stated that Division 5 received $866,000 to share among 3 counties. Current application values for Crook County are as follows: Grazing applications: $413,000, Soil Health applications: $430,000, Forestry applications: $75,000

PAC FORMATION – Bobbie Frank confirmed that regardless if the CCNRD applies to be on the primary or general ballot we can select a petition recall mil levy or a four year renewal mil levy. A petition recall would require 10% of the voters to petition the mil levy. The Board agreed that they would select the petition recall. The Board decided to host an official kick off meeting inviting crook county citizens to discuss the mil levy for the month of March.

OPEN ISSUES TO ADDRESS – Water Quality Update: by Carmen and Raesha

Ms. McIntyre informed the Board that we will be requesting an extension for one year to use the remainder of the WQ funding.

Minutes from Joint WQ Meeting with Campbell County were presented. Ms. Altaffer made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Mr. Parsons seconded the minutes.

The MOU with Campbell County was discussed. Mr. Parsons made a motion to sign the MOU with Campbell County. Ms. Altaffer seconded the motion. Motion carried.

WQ Monitoring: Raesha informed the Board that she and Carmen have been looking into Occupancy Studies using wildlife game cameras to detect occupancy of wildlife on stretches of the Belle Fourche River

Local Issues:

Small Water: Carmen shared her idea regarding Small Water Funding Project which would provide a water source for rural community fire suppression.

Strata: Ms. McIntyre spoke to Commissioner Whalen requesting that permits are made available in the county for review. Commissioner Whalen agreed that it would be a good idea but did not know if that was something that could be enforced.

Elk Creek Pipeline Update: The Elk Creek Pipeline is going to transport liquid natural gas parallel to the old pipeline. However, we were informed that they have to re-negotiate with landowners because the old easement only allowed for one pipeline. The negotiation is anticipated to be completed by the end of March. The installment is likely to occur middle too late fall.

RER: Mr. Chairman signed the letter to Ranger Gosse welcoming him to Crook County.

Madison Contamination Working Group: Mr. Cranston called Mr. Garman and asked if individuals could discharge onto the land that would then run into our surface waters without a discharge permit. Carmen said that she would look into the discharge permit rule.

Forestry Update:

CAFA: Ms. Anderson stated that she received eleven applications under the CAFA program which covers 70% of the target area. Next week the Forest Service will ground truth projects. She said if there is remaining funding then we will fund the State of Wyoming projects through the CAFA. The program primarily offers intensive thinning and defensible space.

Thinning Funding: A thinning project was completed and another thinning project was partially completed. We have $42,000 to fund additional thinning projects. Match requirement has been met for WSF#4.

RCPP: A meeting was held in January to discuss the program plan. March 16th is the tentative batching date to accept applications for meadow encroachment, thinning and fuel breaks. We haven’t advertised yet but we have received interest from 20 landowners so far.

BH Reliant Forest Strategy: Ms. Anderson presented the resolution supporting the Black Hills Resilient Forest Strategy to synchronize a strategy across land borders and for land managers. Mr. Parsons made a motion to sign the Resolution supporting the Black Hills Forest Strategy as well as the Black Hills Resilient Forest Strategy. Ms. Altaffer seconded the motion.


MINUTES – The board reviewed the minutes from regular board meeting on January 11, 2018. Mr. Parsons made a motion to approve minutes as presented. Ms. Altaffer seconded motion.

FINANCIALS – Ms. Altaffer opened a sealed check Bank Statement & reconciled the bank account in Quick Books.

The Board reviewed the financial voucher and the corresponding checks from January, 2018. Mr. Parsons approved the financial voucher as presented. Ms. Altaffer seconded the motion. Motion carried. Voucher was signed.

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE – The Board reviewed the proposed Bills that will be introduced this legislative session.

WACD Football Game Sponsorship. The Board determined that they couldn’t fund things outside of Crook County that may not benefit us directly because we have minimal funding.

NEW ISSUES TO ADDRESS – Small Waste Water Regulation Document was reviewed by the board and the corresponding comments. Mr. Garman signed the comments in approval.

Commissioners Meeting Line Up for next few months. Ted Parsons volunteered tomorrow to attend the meeting.

Supervisor and Employee Training was announced. Lily said that she would look into the opportunity.

SCHEDULE – Land Use & Planning Meeting February 12 to review Small Waste Water Regulation 7:05 p.m. Community Room Courthouse Basement.

Legislative Rural Reception February 13 6-8 p.m., Cheyenne, WY.

Next Meeting March 6, 2018 at 12 p.m., Tentative.

Winter Training, Lander, WY- March 20-22.

Supervisor Employee Training online or in Cheyenne, WY February 28-March 1.

LEAVE – Sarah: February 16th, Friday. Sarah’s leave request was approved.

OTHER BUSINESS – Ms. Hinkhouse provided history on the Belle Fourche River Watershed Partnership.

ADJOURN – No other business was needed to be discussed. The regular board meeting was adjourned at 3:15 p.m. by Chairman, Wayne Garman.

Submitted by Raesha Sell